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Jacquie Sica

on 30 May 2017

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Transcript of HIV/AIDS HCPSS



How does a person get HIV?
The KEYS to Prevention...
(Immune System)
(Lack of)
A virus in humans that attacks the immune system.
HIV leading to AIDS
Deficiency Syndrome
4 Fluids HIV can be passed through:
Is there a cure for HIV/AIDS?
No, right now there is no cure.
Are there treatments to prevent HIV/AIDS from getting worse?
Yes, there are medicines to slow the growth of the virus.
Do these medicines
prevent death?
No, they are not a cure. However, they may allow someone to live much longer.
Use "universal precautions"
*Treat all blood as if it had HIV
* Don't touch anyone else's bodily fluids
Avoid Sexual Contact with another person
Don't use drugs!
Check out this video...
* Blood
* Semen
* Vaginal Fluids
* Breast Milk
HIV has 3 stages:
1. Stage 1 - Immediate Infection - someone gets the HIV virus in their body. May have Flu-like symptoms.
2. Long term infection - HIV is in the body and slowly attacking the immune system. Usually no symptoms. If they don't get treatment they will get AIDS in about 10-12 years.
3. Final stage (AIDS) - now a person's immune system is SO weak that they can't fight off germs. Without treatment they will survive on average 3 years.
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