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News Writing (Pagsulat ng Balita)

Presented in a Seminar-Workshop in Campus Journalism at Canda National High School, Sariaya, Quezon.

Nic Guinto

on 4 August 2013

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Transcript of News Writing (Pagsulat ng Balita)

News Writing
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
What is NEWS?
a timely , factual report of events, ideas or situations interesting or significant to the public (Spencer)

Characteristics of NEWS
factual and accurate
designed to inform or to explain
uplifting, enlightening, instructive or merely entertaining
interesting and significant to the readers
timely, concise and clear

Types of NEWS
Hard News
Pagsulat ng Balita
Nicanor L. Guinto
Faculty, Southern Luzon State University
Grad. Student, University of the Philippines-Diliman

an oral or written report of past, present and future events (Cruz)
Soft News
serious and timely stories about important topics. The stories may describe a major crime, fire, accident, speech, labor or political campaign
feature or human interest stories. Their topics may be old and unimportant – but never dull. Written to entertain rather than inform.

Human Interest
articles about war, peace, justice and development, efforts to fight crimes, poverty, prostitution, etc. and those that uplift the readers, such as innovations, new technology and scientific breakthroughs

the unusual or departure from the expected or the routine

man claims pregnancy, woman gives birth to fish mother gives birth to conjoined twins
intimate glimpses of the lives of others which arouse readers’ interest

2005 Miss International, Precious Lara Quigaman wants to be a war correspondent;
Liz marries for the 8th time
statistics, population, figures, etc.
7 billionth baby born
more bodies, survivors found in Indonesia earthquake
geographical viewpoint: local, community, national
reports about development in the community or nation that significantly affects the readers
construction of an LTE cell site nearby
establishment of new banks in the area
entry of investors in the town/ city
the news has important implications to its readers at present time
proposed abolition of the SK
the president's SONA
something is newsworthy if it is entertaining, able to make its readers laugh, or at least smile in amusement
issues that stand out are newsworthy
richest Filipino
FIlipino lesbian named hottest in the world
PNOY quits smoking
Chito Miranda and girlfriend scandal
Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho
Rustom: "Call me BB Gandanghari"
I'm a lesbian - Charice
Luistro to teachers: Use jejemon if you have to (Rappler)
US reporter accidentally draws a male sex organ while using a touch screen device in a report
Most important part of the news story. It provides a quick identification of the necessary information essential for quick understanding.

presents facts and supporting details of the story

A. Summary or Conventional Lead
answer the five Ws and the H.
Caution: do not overload your lead. Put your best W or H forward.
Types of Summary/
Conventional Lead
What Lead
The Student Council of Canda National High School (CNHS) raised P15,000 for the victims of typhoon Jolina.

Who Lead
Daniel Padilla, a fourth year student of Lutucan National High School (LNHS), was named Ginoong Quezon in the recently concluded provincial pageant held at Quezon Convention Center, Aug. 4.

Why Lead
Kawalan ng baon ang itinuturong dahilan sa pag-aaral na isinagawa ng Ang KanDa kung bakit mas madalas na hindi pumapasok ang ilang mag-aaral sa paaralan.
When Lead
Tuluy na tuloy na sa darating na Agosto 4 ang seminar-worksyap sa pagsulat ng balita sa klaster ng Sariaya na inaasahang dadaluhan ng mga piling manunulat sa nasabing bayan.
How Lead
Grinning from ear to ear, Kathryn Bernardo of Lutucan National High School (LNHS), receives her gold medal in news writing during the National Press Conference held at Lucena City, Dec. 25.
Where Lead
Lucena City will be the next venue of the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC), said Dr. Carla Abellana, over-all coordinator of the event.
Blind Lead
It is so-called because complete identification is held until the second paragraph.
A blind lead helps create interest, too.
A second year high school student is reported in satisfactory condition at the Philippine General Hospital recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident. (blind lead)
Maria Santos, 16, a student of Honasan High School was injured last Sunday in a car accident at Fourth St., Malate, Manila.

B. Novelty or Unconventional Lead
for variation and to avoid monotony, this type of lead colors, invites, intrigues and gives a news report an exiting twist.

Fight drug abuse, win prizes and be discovered for the LNHS Theater Arts.
Blind since birth, Regina Angeles, popularly known as the blind pianist makes sweet music on the keyboards.
"Babawiin namin ng tropeyo sa susunod na taon." Ito ang sinambit ni Kim Chiu, pinuno ng debating team ng paralan, matapos na masungkit ng koponan ng Sta. Isabel High School ang unang pwesto sa paligsahan.
Who says we can't win?
The delegates of Lutucan National High School proved the whole region wrong after...
Kami ang panalo!
Muling pinatunayan ng mga mag-aaral ng Mataas na Paaralan ng Sariaya ang kanilang galing sa pagsulat matapos...
C. Grammatical Lead
Prepositional Phrase Lead
After a surprising decision by the students council to shoulder the remaining expenses of delegates in the NSPC, members of the publication expressed words of gratitude to...
Clause Lead
Dahil sa madalas na pagka-cutting classes ng ilang mag-aaral upang maglaro sa computer shops malapit sa paaralan, ipinasara ni Mayor Anne Curtis ang mga computer shops na malapit sa paaralan...
Infinitive, Participial Phrase
To save the towns of Infanta and General Nakar from a repeat of another killer flash flood from Agos River brought by incessant rains, the Department of Public Works and Highways and local officials want to immediately start the comprehensive rehabilitation of the river.
Citing lack of evidence, the Department of Justice has cleared the mayor of Sto Tomas town and three others of murder charges in connection with the killing of a barangay chairman at the height of the 2004 electoral campaign.
The order of presentation of the facts in the lead should also be the order of elaboration in the body.
Write everything about the first W or fact before elaborating the next fact.
Things to
Tips in Writing NEWS
Do not start the lead with yesterday or with the date.
The lead or the first paragraph must present the highlight or action of the story.
Include the complete name of the person when you mention it for the first time.
When you mention the name a person for the second time, use only the surname.
In writing the date, abbreviate the month [Feb. 11]
Tips in Writing NEWS
Spell out numbers 1-9 [ Nine students attended the event]
Numbers 10 and above should be written in figures unless it is used to begin a sentence [ the school sent 15 students to the event] [Fifteen students were sent to attend the event]
Abbreviate title of a person. [Prof. Anthony Cruz]
Abbreviate the words street, avenue, boulevard.
If the position of the person must be mentioned, write it after the name. [Dr. Elenita Cruz, principal of Mababang Tanaw Elementary School]
Tips in Writing News
Include the meaning of an acronym if mentioned for the first time. Use the acronym in the succeeding lines. [In cooperation with Samahan ng mga Magulang at Guro (SMG)….] [SMG facilitated the Clean and Green Project.]
Capitalize the first letter of all proper names.
Italicized Tagalog words in News stories written in English. [“I think the key is perseverance.
Nagsanay sila nang mabuti
.” Dr. Cruz related.]
Use quotation marks for conversation. [ “I am proud of our students,” Dr. Cruz related. ]
Some other, but important Things to Remember
Be accurate and truthful.
Avoid opinions called editorializing.
Use adjectives sparingly.
Avoid libelous, seditious and rebellious matters, prejudice and bad taste.
Give source (attribution) of the news.
1-2 sentences per paragraph or ideally, one sentence, one paragraph
5-10 words per sentence
4-5 paragraphs
Use familiar language
Some other, but important Things to Remember
Thank you for listening!
Ms. Princess Catherine L. Pabellano
Instructor, Southern Luzon State University
MA Media Studies: Journalism, UPD
Mr. Antonio A. Alido
Resource Speaker,
Regional Higher Education Press Conference
Lecture notes of
Pape, S. & Featherstone, S. (2005). Newspaper journalism: A practical introduction. London: Sage.
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