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The First Thanksgiving


Kate Paulsen

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of The First Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving The Pilgrims rode the
Mayflower across the
Atlantic Ocean and arrived
in Massachusetts on
December 1620. The first winter
was very cold and food was very scarce. A disease killed 46 of the 102
pilgrims during the first winter The disease the pilgrims
caught was called scurvy
which is lack of Vitamin C A Wampanog Indian named
Squanto helped the Pilgrims
survive. The following year after the
very cold winter, the pilgrims
had a great harvest. They
decided to celebrate wtih a feast. The first Thanksgiving
lasted for three days.
During this time, the natives and the pilgrims practiced shooting
(practiced their arms), while the children played games. Some of the foods that
the Pilgrims ate during the
First Thanksgiving feast
were deer, duck, geese, swans,
wild turkeys, cornmeal, corn
pumpkin, bread, and fruit. The Pilgrims did not call
this harvest festival thanksgiving , but they
did thank God for surviving
the winter, bringing the natives
to help them, and for their
great harvest. Abraham Lincoln began the
tradition of the annual national
holiday in 1863. This holiday is
now known as Thanksgiving and
is celebrated on the fourth
Thursday of November. The feast included 90 natives
that helped the Pilgrims during
the first winter. There were 53
Pilgrims (25 families) - 4 married
women, 5 teenage girls, 9 teenage
boys, 13 young children, and 22
men. Reference One Thanksgiving - By Lynda Sorensen
1994 The Rourke Press, Inc.
Vero Beach, Flordia Reference two http://www.pilgrimhall.org/ By Kate Paulsen Pilgrim Hall Museum
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