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The Journey of a Simple Man

No description

Matt Harrington

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of The Journey of a Simple Man

The Journey of a Simple Man
With the Help of others Anything is Possible
Throughout both Ray and the Narrators journey they faced hardships that they couldn't have done without the help of another. There old selves would have simply given up when faced with such obstacles but they came to learn that with the help of others what they can do is limitless. This also shows the change in their characters after going on their journey, they no longer feel the need to tackle obstacles by themselves or have the fear of leaving their comfort zones.
Some Friends may seem Nice at First but you have to Realize when they start to become a Bad Influence on you
In the journey of the Narrator, Tyler comes to him, and although Tyler helps the Narrator to change on his journey the Narrator changes for the worst. The Narrator did some awful things and could only end their relationship when it was to late and he had already changed as a person. This just showed the Narrator why he should have chosen wisely about those who he spent his time with as they influenced his personality.
Time spent with a Good and Inspirational Friend will Change you for the Better
In Ray's journey as stated before he finds Salinger, a retired author who helps Ray to learn more about baseballs past, finish his field and make amends with his father. Salinger had a good influence on Ray and by the end of Rays journey he had been changed for the good. Ray looked up to Salinger and because of Salinger's good nature Ray turned out good and Inspirational like him.
It's Important to seek out Friendship
Ray Kinsella in
Field of Dreams
and the Narrator in
Fight Club
lived ordinary and boring lives, never leaving their comfort zone and following their generic routine. When they decide to change all this and become a different person they first seeked friendship. With the help of Ray's new friend Salinger and the Narrators new friend Tyler they were able to leave their comfort zones and begin to change who they were. They learned how it's always good to have friends as they can help you along the way as you try to achieve your goals.
Anyone can do what they want and become who they want to be but must Remember to chose their Friends Wisely as they will help to mold who they'll Become.
Due to the choice of freinds each character chose they became a different person.
In my multimodel prezi I chose to have a layout showing footprints progressing from text to text showing the journey that the characters of Ray and the Narrator have went through. I chose to also spilt up the paths to show how although both characters go on a similar journey they diverege paths and become different people. Included in each text description are pictures relating to breaking out of your routine and how anythings possible with the help of others. In the end I have both paths still leading to a conclusion showing how you can choose where you want to go and who to be but in the end it all comes down to who you spend your time/journey with since they'll mold who you'll become.
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