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ONL 152 PBL Group 6

No description

Amalia Foukaki

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of ONL 152 PBL Group 6

ONL 152 PBL Group 6
What do we see?
Online course as an unknown territory...
Learner's confusion and uncertainty...
Learner's unfamiliarity with digital tools...
Need for support!
Moderators' role appears crucial for the confused learner..!
How do we understand what we see?
We are, ourselves, those confused learners!

Our personal experience helps us understand the scenario's context...
What do we need to find out more about?
Is this scenario an isolated situation or describes well a common one???
It probably depicts a very common situation...!
1. Figure out how learners approach online learning...
2. Familiarize learners with online learning spaces, features and tools...
3. Make first contacts with other participants and facilitators...
4. Discuss problem-based, open and collaborative learning in ONL context...

Scenario: Online-learning confusion
I Sh
How and where are we going to
find answers???
Personal experience
Discussions with colleagues
Course readings & additional resources
Group's hangouts & posts
What can each one of us do?
Test different resources.
Reflect on best ways to include everyone.
Contribute in the collaborative docs.
Respect deadlines.
The PBL group shall :

Establish common language,
Encourage dialogue,
Encourage & utilize a "creative tension",
Benefit from diversity!
Exchange regular feedback..!
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