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No description

Kathryn F

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Recycling

Plastic Bottles
Aluminum Cans
Old Magazines
News Paper
Scrap Paper
Why do we recycle?
What we can't recycle:

Plastic bags
Paper Towels
So in Conclusion...
Recycle to make the world a happier place!
Recycling is a way to reduce the amount of trash which makes the landfills smaller
Its also a way to prevent and decrease air pollution
What is recycling?

What can we recycle here at school?
(We can recycle cardboard but not at school!)
We recycle to reduce the amount of trash
which will make the landfills smaller so they can actually hold things that are supposed to be trashed

(you can recycle cardboard but not at school! And binders are cardboard so don't recycle binders at school only at home please!
(recycle to save the unicorns!)
(Please wait till the end of the prezi to ask questions)
Stop and don't forget to recycle!
(P.S. put the items in the right bin! Thanks in advance!)
Photos from google images!
Kathryn: Designer and Reader #1
Natalie: Reader #2
Hailey: Reader #3
video from YouTube
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