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Zakareya Hussein

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

JUST Library System Rashad
Areen Outline Goals Scope Questions Project Evaluation & Critique Lesson Learned Goals


Outcome & Evaluation

Project Critique

Lesson learned Strength ? Do not postpone action today for tomorrow.

Personality is no substitute for good planning, monitoring & problem solving.

Important of diversity.

We can do more than what we think by learning new things.

Respect time. Producing functioning software with few bugs.

Producing a maintainable product.

Improve the current library system with new functionality.

Simple & attractive interface. Improve our team work skills.

Make an effort to be the best among the other groups. The Project covers: Book & account Management, i.e. ADD BOOK, CHECK-OUT BOOK, CREATE ACCOUNT...etc.

A search service, including ISBN, Title...

A new search service which is Search IN Content.

A statistics service. The Project not covers: Managing information about the librarians, such as their salaries, etc.

The self-help book reservation machines found in the library or theft detection machines.

Integration with any of the current systems running in the university.
Excellent programming

Software Engineering
Course is Prerequisite.

Able to learn a new programming

Facebook group.

some member has the ability to intervene at critical times of the project -Zakareya Hussein-. Weakness
Project Manager has no experience.

Some members has no sense of responsibility.

Negative roles, such as excessive optimism & non-compliance roles.

Size of the team led to the difficulty and lack of meetings...etc.

No Diversity in group. outcome a web based library system used by Librarians

system can perform an overall management of books and their copies

system can perform books borrowing and returning for members.
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