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Tax-Air FLS Prezi

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James Carlson

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Tax-Air FLS Prezi

To provide "one-stop" logistic solutions to the freight forwarding and manufacturing communities, throughout North America no matter the weight, size or mode of transportation. Our MISSION: Sales Footprint Sales Customer Care Inside Telephone Sales Email Marketing Campaign Operations Finance Marketing/Coordinator Billing / Collection GO FORWARD Provide best customer service and response MY TEAM
(my colleagues) Technology Streamline Ultra-pro / TMS Improve billing and collection process SWOOP and interactivity with clients Web development to improve customer service Online rate quoting Scorecards Margin dollars Margin percentage Load growth Labor % Product Calls per employee Staff Succession planning for new / future agents Recruiting skills from other 3 PLs Clarify goals and objectives 15% Avg per year growth PAST FUTURE and Support gross margin 30% by the numbers Foundation for Growth Corporate support to FLS 0 2009 2012 5 m m 10 2015 2011FY: $3.323.491 37% $1.299 .025 Q1/13 2013FY: $6m 2012FY: $4.560.840 We started here. FLS will take us here! MY CUSTOMERS
(valued partners) Support current team Attract new talent Provide professional development Grow core partners Develop standard work procedures Team Development: West Coast, East Coast Data and Benchmarks: STAFF OPERATIONS TECHNOLOGY SALES SCORECARDS OPERATIONS TECHNOLOGY SALES STAFF SCORECARDS 5 Scary. Cool. Exciting. Awesome. Different. What's our difference? Excellent customer service. Knowledge base. Communications skills--we can take the garbage we're given and make it work for a nationwide LTL company.

We also bring a purchasing power to small/mid freight forwarders they lack, and we offer healthy payment terms (typical 60 days but for us, we can pay quicker which develops better relationships with our vendors.)

We aren't trying to be the cheapest. We are being the best.
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