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10 main events in The Giver

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Justin Asshauer

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of 10 main events in The Giver

Event 7
When Jonas has inquiries about release, the Giver shows him the latest release video, where his father had to decide which twin to release. Jonas is then engulfed in horror, as he realizes that the communities are so evil without actually knowing it. This changes Jonas' mind about how great his community is. He also starts thinking about making changes.
Event 8
During one of their sessions, the Giver and Jonas decide that it's time that the community receives all these memories and feelings of emotions and the ability to see color. When I read this I felt the same way they did and I could really put myself in their shoes. This would be a huge thing for the story because the community would live in chaos because of all these new things.
Event 9
When the day comes, Jonas takes Gabriel and his fathers' bicycle and sets out to abandon his community. He uses the bicycle to travel all the way to the mountains and escape the search planes the community sends for him. This will bring back all the memories to the serene community and allow them to think for themselves.
Eventually the heat dies down and Jonas and Gabriel are finally safe. They reach the top of a butte and apparently discover a little town with families and Christmas trees. This is a very important scene because it shows that Jonas has escaped the grasp of the community and reached safety. It also was a very nice moment for me because they finally reached their destination.
Event 6
When Jonas receives the memory of heartache, blood, war and death, he is overwhelmed with different emotions. This makes this scene so important because it shows the reality of life. It also shows that it was never as perfect as the community is now and that not everything is a candy land.
Event 5
Jonas' first conclave with the giver is pretty unique because of all the special things that happen. He first sees color, feels frigid and feels proper happiness and fresh air. To the story this is important because everyone else only sees gray and never feels anything extraordinary.
Event 4
A huge change in Jonas' life, is when his name gets skipped by the speaker at the ceremony of 12. Then he gets selected to be the new receiver of memory. This has a big influence on the story because the person with the memory makes sure that citizens are protected from any strange thoughts or feelings.
Event 3
The scene where Jonas has his stirrings and receives his pills for feelings. This fragment of the scene is pretty important to me because it is something new to his unchanging life. This is important because the community doesn't want the citizens to have feelings.
Event 2
When Jonas and his family are having their discussion of feelings, I thought it was a main event because Lily says she was angry, and Jonas shares his feelings about the airplane. They share their feelings because it helps the community to control them.

"But he isn't growing as fast as he should, and he doesn't sleep soundly. We have him in the extra care section for supplementary nurturing, but the committee's beginning to talk about releasing him."
This shows just how much the community is in a way a communist community.
The first main event that is noticeable, is when the airplane flies over the community and the entire community is overcome in fear. The pilot is then released. This is an important moment because it shows how the community lives in peace and even the slightest odd sound will make them extremely scared.
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