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Market Mapping_Kasia

No description

Elżbieta Arduin

on 10 March 2017

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Transcript of Market Mapping_Kasia

Market Mapping
Before you start
Why would you create a market mapping? - discussion
Talent mapping = Market mapping ?
How to define your competitors?
Ways of presenting information,
Tips and Hints
Ways of presenting

The amount of information available on the Internet can make your research seem overwhelming. Depending on the information that you would like to collect on your competitors, it is necessary to make a list of the types of internet sources that may be interesting in order to construct a digital landscape.

To draw up a chart outlining the competitor details which are essential to your analysis is crucial to create a classification chart for each competitor:
• you can organize them by market, by country, by the threat they pose etc.
• for each competitor, define specific folders to organize information if this is necessary


The key factor that determines success while preparing market mapping is to know your Client and your company you are currently working for. Without this step we cannot move ahead.

Brain storm
why would you create a market mapping?
Talent mapping = Market mapping?

“To know your Enemy,
you must become your Enemy”

An opportunity to create your pipeline or talentpool
Establishing charts comprising specific companies, names, titles, and reporting relationships
Insight into competitors’ structures
Raising awareness of gender imbalance issue
A great way to prepare for the brief call.
You show your commitment and ambition
An opportunity for the Hiring Manager, Recruiter and Sourcer to collaborate and discuss all the aspects of a brand new recruitment process
Decreases time to hire
Who your major competitors
are and why?

What are the names of this particular position in each company?
Which activities are they most focused on?
Talent mapping
- means identifying talent by company, job role or department and profiling them. It allows for a longer term view, a more comprehensive look at all the talent in the market, and to build relationships for the future. Talent mapping isn't about list building or putting names in a database, it goes well beyond that. It certainly helps to employ talent with the same skill sets as you are looking for and map out the people you are already connected with in those organizations and roles.

Market mapping
- a kind of business intelligence profiling. Defining main Competitors. Following the market, monitoring social networking, competitor profiling, talking to industry and gathering the latest news– providing a window into the talent landscape and into competitors’ organizations.

Talent and Market Mapping
answer a range of business challenges, allowing organizations and companies insight into the who’s who of the marketplace, identifying where industry leaders are currently working, and setting the foundations for approaches to the top talent. This is the great way to define your company competitors.

The aim is to quickly visualize the key data about your competitors with interactive graphs:
1. table capture-
chrome extension,

PowerPoint slides
Word cloud generators
Thank YOU :)


Check rankings of the most important companies specializing in the particular field e.g.: Forbes Lists
Company web page searching engines:
Organizational charts:
Kompass searching engine:
Shared documents on the web: presentations left by interns or consultants on SlideShare or Scribd can provide interesting information,
Being focused on searching the network or community (joining LinkedIn groups, forums). You can engage with high potential candidates in advance of any recruitment activity, build relationships and promote the employer brand,
Talk to people previously hired and ask for referrals!
LinkedIn (Find Alumni, also viewed),

Exploring competitors' blogs, their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc accounts. It is advisable to check out the social media accounts of your competitors’ employees.

Sites for professional federations
and unions
Sites for professional federations
and unions
Sites for professional federations and unions
Sites for professional federations
and unions
Event sites
(exhibitions, conference attendee list)
Supplier's lists
Suppliers' awards
Excel diagrams and
Sites for professional federations
and unions
Best Supplier awards
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