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Death Penalty

No description

Jesus Nunez

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Death Penalty

Why Does it Matter
What Does This Mean
This means that even if the U,S has the death penalty it is not helping that much.
this means that the goverment is loosing time and money deciding on wether we should keep the death penalty or not
this means that the U.S might stop continuing with the death penalty.
We are going to talk about the causes and effects about the death penalty. And we will discuss if the death penalty is immoral.
We are also going to tell you about our own opinion on the death penalty
Death Penalty History

In 2009 the court ruled that the death penalty must be imposed through a finding of a jury and not a judge.
There was once different ways to kill somebody by the death penalty.
they decided that some of the ways were too cruel like the electric chair or hanging them because they wanted to kill them quickly.
the death penalty has been around since the year 1608
The death penalty is a sentencing option for over sixty offenses
People who have had bad backgrounds are most likely to commit many crimes.
We believe that the death penalty is important because we should take action on someone who has taken many lives. We also believe that there are other reasons in why the U.S has so much crimes compared to other countries, with that being said we think the death penalty should still exist because we should try to save as many innocent lives.
Death Penalty
Felix Rios
Gustavo Mendes
Jesus Nunez

The death penalty matters because the U.S. is still one of the countries with the most crime.-in 2012 the U.S had about 8 million people arrested in total.
We are taking the life of criminals but we still have a lot of crimes.
people have added to this by saying that every innocent life matters.
For this slide show we mainly and only used www.procon.org. However these are some of the different authors we found. The authors are
Bruce Fein
John C. McAlams
Alul Gawande

What is the Death Penalty?
The death penalty is a sentencing option for over sixty offenses
The court ruled that the death penalty must be imposed through a finding of a jury and not a judge.
The death penalty is a consequence in were a criminal gets executed.
some criminals actually do think about the consequences because of the death penalty.
We are saving at least one innocent life every time such a criminal is executed.
it is a relief to affected people when they know this criminals will not affect them anymore.
Reasons why people get the Death Penalty
intentionally killing someone in a cruel way.
Participating in the act of killing someone were you could have done something about it.
Physically participating in an act that could have resulted in the death of someone.
With the death penalty we are forced to take the life of someone.
Some people have become very serious about the death penalty and they are taking a lot of time from the government deciding if we should continue the death penalty.
Every execution costs a lot of money to the government.
killing some one in a very cruel way
mental illness
someone who takes drugs and alcohol may end up doing bad crimes .
The death penalty can prolong suffering for the victims families.
Death penalty stirs up fierce debate in the United States.
the death penalty costs a lot of money to the government.
the death penalty takes time from the government.
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