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Gough Whitlam and the Dismissal

No description

Modern History

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Gough Whitlam and the Dismissal

Gough Whitlam's
Dismissal What events led to the Dismissal? Vince Gair was made Ambassador to Ireland...
After a night of prawn eating both Whitlam and Gair smelt like prawns and Gair had retired from the Senate. EXTERNAL EVENTS MISTAKE: On the 2nd April, 1974 his appointment to the high court was supposed to be secret but word got out. Gair had not officially resigned before Joh Bjelke-Petersen QLD premier announced the half-senate election which ment Gair's seat was not contested. 1974 Election: Labor win. The threat of blocking supply bills helped Labor win the election. MISTAKE: John Kerr's appointment was suspcious because Gough wanted to have the Labor power in the Supreme Court. NSW Labor Senator Lionel Murphy was appointed to the High Court. Khemlani Affair: Rex Connor the Minerals and Energy Minister wanted to make Minerals Australia's largest export. Rex used Tirath khemlani who was a suspicous character which made Rex seem like a shady charcter. PERSONAL MISTAKES CYCLONE TRACY (December 25, 1974 a cyclone hit Darwin killing 66 people. Jim Cairns was head of the rescue situation.) - Gough did not return from Europe until December 28 to see the devistation but returned to Europe three days after arriving in Australia. POWER As you can see some of the external events lead back to Gough wanting the power John Kerr's appointment as Governor - General opened up a place for a labor MP to fill Kerr's Liberal seat as a judge Lionel Murphy was appointed to the High Court so that Labor could hold a majority in the Senate '...Gair's actions were the final straw ...' [Michael Sexton - 'The Great Crash' wrote about DLP supporters.] ... best qualified and most acceptable to the Ausyralian people... [Whitlam]
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