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First Day of Action English

Prezi to introduce rules, procedures, and expectations for Action English class.

Kayla Wilson

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of First Day of Action English

If you miss more than 7 classes, you get an F.
This is a rule for all classes at this university.
Action English
Be prepared.
Bring your book, paper, and a pencil.

Be on task.
Cell phones are only allowed for helping you with speaking English.

Come to class and PARTICIPATE.
(This is 10% of your grade.)

Do not speak Korean during activities.
If you want to communicate in Korean, write it down on a piece of paper.
Room B7
Excused absence
Bring an official form within one week of your absence.
Kayla Wilson

American (Tennessee)
A little about me:
If you miss more than 25% of class --> F
Do you have a question?
English Conversation
What will we learn?

to speak English with confidence
Please work hard for the grade you want.
What if I don't understand everything?
It's not important to understand everything I say.
I will always write important info (test dates, instructions, etc).

Don't be afraid to ask me after class if you didn't understand something.
1 late
1 sick day*
After that:
-2 points for absence
-1 point for being late
Write this down!
Write this down! You may see this on a
quiz = a small test

pop quiz = a surprise small test
(We will not have any pop quizzes.)
Formal Titles
Ms. (married or single)
Mrs. (married)
Miss (single)
So, what should you call me?
Dr. Wilson
Ms. Wilson
Conversation: 85%
20% - Midterm (oral evaluation
20% - Final (oral evaluation)
20% - Attendance & Participation
25% - Activities, Homework & Quizzes

Listening: 15%
7.5% - Listening Midterm
7.5% - Listening Final
Exam Schedule
Speaking Final - June 8th - 14th
Speaking Midterm - April 18th - 22nd
My Contact Info
Email: kaylathewilson@gmail.com

Office: N2 - Room 712
Top Notch 1 (3rd edition)

Developing Listening Skills
(I will provide worksheets.)
*1 sick day:

Email me (or message me)

before class begins if you are sick. There will be no penalty for this absence.
There is no penalty for excused absences.
Someone you know:
Someone you
don't know:
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