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Common Elements of Dystopian Literature

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Sabrina Khanam

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Common Elements of Dystopian Literature

Common Elements of Dystopian Literature
What literary devices do authors in dystopian literature often use? Provide 3 specific examples.
What common ideas do authors in dystopian literature often use? Provide 3 specific examples.
3) One commonly used idea in dystopian literature is the idea that humankind is slowly destroying itself. A second is the idea of separation between people with certain backgrounds or abilities. A third common idea used in dystopian literature is the fact that the dystopia formed post-apocalyptic, such as war or other world-wide forms of destruction.
- a nightmare world; the opposite of a Utopian society
Character development is utilized by dystopian authors because they use it to have their main character to go from a weak main character to a strong hero that might even save their dystopia from destroying itself.
How do authors often utilize character development as a key component of dystopian text?
How did the components of dystopian literature evolve over time?
Dystopian literature is used to be intense information about how horrible the world would be in that situation, but it has evolved into stories about hope, and friendships.
Identify at least 2 other common elements of dystopian literature.
Two common elements in dystopian literature are symbolism and setting. Symbolism is used to make the story resemble a real place, and setting is important because the setting are usually similar with few differences from the usual horrible life that is used in a dystopian book.
How do authors who write dystopian literature intend to impact society's beliefs?
Authors who write dystopian literature intend to impact society’s beliefs. The way I think is intended is that the society would believe if we turn against our fellow humans, than we would become a dystopia. So essentially the want society to believe if all humans can get along with one another, than we won’t end up in the horrible situations described in dystopian books, that are cause by humankind turning against itself.
Taylor Bucy

Aniyah Wright

Sabrina Khanam

Bryce Ciecko

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Satire, used to make the seriousness of a dystopian story somewhat comical. Symbolism, many times authors will use certain animals or images in their dystopia to represent certain things from the real world. And imagery, because dystopian authors really give specific details to ensure the reader feels what’s going on in the story.
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