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Latin America vacation

No description

Tiffany Melvin

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Latin America vacation

You second stop is
Buenos Aires, Argentina! Your third stop is Puerto
Limon, Costa Rica first stop is
Ocho Rios, Jamaica! Latin America Vacation get a taste of Ocho Rios!
a little spicey, a little sweet,
yumm chicken! catch a taste of Buenos Aires!
they love their meats! hope you like fruit
because well fruit is
Puerto Limon's thing jerk chicken jamaican dessert Asado Cucina dessert from argentina alos known as Ochi small home made dish costa rica dessert
Tres Leches What is the weather going
to be like in Ochi? swim with the dolphins they can take you for a ride. They are really friendly and lots of fun. go bamboo rafting down
a quiet river. take a Heritage Beach ride on horse back, go aroud the island and through the water. so much fun! Whats the wather going to be like in Buenos Aires, Argentina? the beautful Teatro colon is the best place to watch a opera/play. Manzana De Las Luces is historic tunnles under the 18th century jesui (church) Tango at the ideal, its okay if you cant tango they have a show first then they teach you to how to tango. vist the veragua Rainforest park vipline throught the forest have a tour guide lead you through the rainforest take all the pictures you can and when you get home show them to all your friends what is the weather like in
puerto limon? go and see Volcano Arenal take a tour down the Tortuguero Canals Hope you enjoy you Latin America Trip!!!! Durring your trip down the canals you will see lots of wild life. or the city of faded beauty
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