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U.S.Involvement in World War I

No description

David Fox

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of U.S.Involvement in World War I

World War I is happening across an ocean from the United States. If it was your decision, what (if anything) would convince you that joining World War I would be best for the United States?
p. 418
1) Which countries were aligned with the European Allies?
2) Outside of Europe, where was World War I fought?
Answer the Geography Skillbuilder ?s
Our objective is to explain why the United States joins the Allied Powers in World War I
Why did the U.S. enter World War I?
May 1915
- Germans sunk Lusitania
- 128 U.S. passengers died
Closer or Farther from war?
Closer because U.S. Citizens died and the government wants to avenge their deaths
- Sank 3 U.S. Ships
February 1917
- Zimmerman Letter
- Germans would help Mexico win back land
Closer because Germany is directly attacking the U.S.
Closer because its a threat on U.S. soil
April 1917
- War is declared
Closest because the U.S. is officially involved.
Take notes from p. 418-419
Act It Out
What events do you need to act out?
Who should each person be?
What should each person say and do?
Create mini-skits about how the U.S. enters WWI
10 minutes to create the skit... Work Fast.
Let's Get Critical
Did he or she...

Circle EACH of the 4 reasons that the United States entered World War I.
Use ONLY last night's notes to choose WHICH 4 reasons led to the U.S. involvement in World War I?
1. There was a land attack by Germans on U.S. soil.
2. American tourists were captured by Germans.
3. German boats sunk American ships
4. A letter from Germany threatens U.S. land
5. U.S. feels it should honor ties to allies.
6. 128 Americans died on a boat sunk by Germany.
7. German planes drop bombs on an American colony.
8. Germans cut off trade with the U.S., severely damaging the U.S. economy.
Use Mr. Fox's Notes. Choose the 4 Reasons.
Are they same?
Lloyd George
Woodrow Wilson
I really do NOT want the U.S. to get involved in World War I. We are safe over here. Why should I put our troops in danger?
Write a speech for me to convince the U.S. to join the Allied Powers.
* Include 3+ reasons.
* 3/4 of a page.
Place the Events in Order!
A. Wilson declares war
on Germany.
B. Germans said they'd
any ship near Britain.
C. U.S. discovers letter where Germany offers an alliance with Mexico
D. U-boat submarines su
nk 3 U.S. ships.
E. The Lusitania is sunk b
y Germany.

1,198 people are killed.
E. The Lusitania is sunk by Germany. 1,198 people are killed.
A. Wilson declares war on Germany.
B. Germans said they'd sink
any ship near Britain.
C. U.S. discovers letter where Germany offers an alliance with Mexico
D. U-boat submarines sunk 3 U.S. ships.
Write In YOUR Notes!
... write 3/4 of a page or longer?
... include Germany sinking the Lusitania and the effect on humans?
... explain how Germany sank 3 more U.S. ships?
... use the Zimmerman letter and explain its threat?
... utilize persuasive, clear language?
1 Point Each
Comment on what could improve!
Could the U.S. have avoided getting involved? What could they have done to stay out of the war all together?
Write 1/2 Page or More
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