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Rhode Island

No description

Caron Miller

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Rhode Island

Introduction Roger Williams founded the colony of Rhode Island in 1636. He left England to escape religious persecution. The puritans including Williams, didn't believe in the religion that England made them follow. In Rhode Island climate was mostly like today. They had cold winters and warm summers. Also rain falls throughout the year. When it snows the range is usually 25-35 inches. Hurricanes, were rare and were very unknown. Location Rhode Island was one of the New England Colonies. The soil for farming in Rhode Island was rocky, which made it hard to grow crops. It caused bad farming and it was almost impossible to grow anything. As a result it was difficult to put food on the table for their family. Roger Williams left England for religious purposes. Puritans were against England and their religious beliefs. Williams thought people should be able to worship as they liked. People who worshiped any religion could move there. Also no one was forced to attend a certain church or pay taxes to support It. Rhode Island was the first colony to have religious freedom. Government Rhode Island was the first Democracy in the new world. In Rhode Island colonists could make many of their own laws and choose their own governor. Town meetings and general assemblies were held to decide how the town should be run. Also England sent red jackets to make colonists in Rhode Island pay taxes. They paid in sugar,paper and tea. In Rhode Island people had many ways to make a living. They often fished for food and hunted whales that provided fuel oil. Rhode Island also sold a lot of livestock that they had raised. Rhode Island farmers grew many onions to make a living. Many people also got dairy products like cheese and milk from cows that they raised. Another crop that they grew a lot were apples. Rhode Island also shipped many goods back to England. Most of the things they shipped were raw goods. Rhode Island helped the economy a lot. Slavery Rhode Island like the other colonies shipped slaves from Africa. When the slaves were brought to America, they were sold at slave markets, between 1709 and 1807,more than 106,000 slaves were sold in Rhode Island. By 1774 Rhode Island banned slavery but some slave traders were ignorant. They kept on bringing slaves but by 1840, Rhode Island had only 5 slaves. Rhode Island was also the first British colony to ban slavery. Most New England colonies used slaves in factories and in households but Rhode Island was different. Just like the south, they used slaves on farms. Native American Interactions In Rhode Island, Roger Williams had varied relationships with the native people. Williams was sheltered by the Wampanoags who lived with him until winter ended. Then he started south and claimed the land he called Rhode Island. Other Information Some interesting information about Rhode Island is that they created the first Baptist Church and the oldest school house in the USA built in Portsmouth, Rhode Island in 1716. Rhode Island was a colony with a lot of piracy and there were many criminals. It was the first colony that influences religious freedom. Masters mistreating slaves Slaves taken from their homes Men fishing in Rhode Island Picture of Roger Williams BY: Ashley Fafara, Ashlyn Warren, Nehal Nagalla and Kenneth Ferraro. Economy Location and Climate Religious Influences Bibliography These are the books that we used for the information...

the colony of Rhode Island
The Rhode Island Colony
Rhode Island Rhode Island, The Colony Of Religious Freedom
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