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Acids and Alkalis

An introduction to acids and alkalis for Year 7

Jonathan Horn

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Acids and Alkalis

Who am I? Mr Horn ! What are we learning about today? Acids are sour
like vinegar and
lemons Some common Acids Starter:

Write your name so I can see it!

Suck on the sweet and think about the flavour What do you know about Acids and Alkalis? Alkalis taste bitter like
soap and also feel soapy between your fingers. They are also corrosive like Acids Some common Alkalis True or false?

Acids turn indicator red / orange False! True! True or false?

Soft drinks like coke are acidic True or false?

Lemons are alkaline True or false

Washing up liquid is an Alkaline True or false?

Some Alkalis turn indicator red / orange True! False! Ant bites contain an acid

Some concentrated acids are
corrosive and can burn flesh and metal Acids and Alkalis All of you will be able to identify some common Acids and Alkalis Most of you will know how we show if something is Acid or Alkali We use an "Indicator"

This is a chemical that
changes colour when it meets
an Acid or an Alkali Task:

Place the cards into two groups
-Acids or Alkalis

When you have finished try the extension questions Acids:

Car batteries
Fizzy drinks
Sour milk
Stomach juices
Citrus fruits Alkalis:

Cleaning products
Indigestion tablets
Soap Well Done!
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