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Josiah's migrate

No description

John Miller

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of Josiah's migrate

Josiah's migrate
It was the year 1832 and the first computer was made!I live in Nevade.I heard about when a friend told me about it.He said ''Did you hear on the news?! A new thing is made they are calling it a computer''.I got excited and want to get one of these computer.
Why I moved
I took a plane to get to California.It was a long trip to California.I fell asleep for about 4 hours.The rest of the way I looked out the window and imagined what California would be like.After 10 hours off flying,I arrived at California.
How I got their
I went to a little town not to far from the place where the first computer was made.The place was called Babbage's Diffenence Engine.I thought it would be pack but the was a little bit of people because everyone got one.
where I went
The challenges
The challenges was finding a job and making friends.But the hardest challenge was trying to fit in.But I liked that I was different from everyone else.
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