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Plot Organizer - Parvana's Journey

No description

Michael Young

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of Plot Organizer - Parvana's Journey

By Michael Young Plot Organizer Beginning Event 1 Climax Resolution Event 2 Event 3 At the beginning of the book, Parvana's father go on an expedition to find Parvana's mother. Unfortunately, Parvana's father dies. Parvana keeps on searching for her mom. Her goal is to find her mom and try to stay away from the taliban so that she won't get caught. Parvana starts on her journey. She comes to a village with someone crying. It is a baby and Parvana names him Hassan. Parvana continues on her journey and keeps on searching for her mother. Parvana and Hassan keep on travelling in a random direction. They come upon a cave and Parvana wants to go see if there is anything inside. A boy tells Parvana to go away or else he will shoot Parvana with a gun. Parvana does not think that the boy has a gun. The boy comes out of his hiding place. He tells Parvana that his name is Asif. The group of kids come upon this house past a minefield. The kids almost gets trapped, but the kids were safe. When the ground starts rumbling, a girl runs from the house. She says that her name was Leila. Leila says that she runs to the minefield every time the mines kill or injure someone. Asif says that Leila is an idiot. The kids go inside the house, where there is a grandmother lying on the couch. The climax is when Leila dies because she runs into the minefield to collect food parcels being dropped by the airplanes. Also, when Parvana and Asif are crying, a woman says "Who are the parents of these kids?" Parvana looks up and she stares into her mother's face. Plot Order Plot Order The resolution is when Parvana finds her mother in the same refugee camp and finally reunites! Her family is Parvana, her mother, Asif, Nooria, and Hassan. Unfortunately, Ali dies earlier because he got pneumonia and there was no doctor at the time.
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