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The Ghost Map, Chapter 1

No description

Margo Parker

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of The Ghost Map, Chapter 1

The Ghost Map, Chapter 1
Growing Pains: London in 1854
2.5 million residents- largest that the world had seen

Modern urban living with Elizabethan living practices

Waste management consisted of throwing buckets into cesspools

Public Health's Efforts
People believed that the city's smell caused disease

Nuisances act: cesspool waste was to be emptied into Thames

Cholera outbreaks became more frequent

Baby Lewis
August 28, 1854: baby Lewis contracts Cholera at 40 Broad St in Soho

Lewis family cesspool bordered a popular pump

About Cholera
Disease of the small intestine

Vibrio Cholerae

Symptoms may not be immediately apparent
Enter John Snow
Argued for years
that Cholera was

Mapped outbreaks
around pump to
illustrate his point
During the outbreak, various rumors were circulating about the possible causes of Cholera. Are people today more likely to be able to distinguish fact from fiction? What role does the internet play in our information literacy? Are there any modern 'John Snows' in our society?
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