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Why You Should Date Me

Persuasive Prezi Presentation

Lauren Parker

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Why You Should Date Me

Why You Should Date Me A Persuasive Presentation by Lauren Parker This could be you! Lauren's bf

(sry willie) Girl Means i hav boobs
big boobs 2
if u d8 me u mite b able 2 tuch them
im nice
not utterly repulsive
i make funnies
no 1 else is gonna d8 me so u have no competition Not utterly repulsive Not as hot as megan fox, but honestly, r u ever gonna date megan fox? megan fox (wat a fox) ur chances wit me r way better srsly other reasons 2 d8 me I worked rly hard on this n it's a prety consistent presentation i tink
please just date me
clearly i like u. d8 me
also i like nerd things like books n star wars
i'll do wat u want wether thts video gams or food or w/e
i'm not clingy
not crazy
just a girl with a prezi account
also not completely ugly.
also i'd be really nice to you and i bet you'd appreciat that qualitea DATE ME Lauren Parker: Not a Stalker I won't stalk you
I will bake u food. u can eet it cuz it's food 4 u. i bake w/e u want i'm good at that
also not a stalker
but u have 2 d8 me
plz. will give u 6 potato.
also won't stand u up on d8z cuz thts rude Richard Ramirez: Actual stalker I won't do that. DATE ME (Or don't. I'm a prezi, not a cop.) (explanation of joke from previous slide in case you didn't get it.) remember that was seen on 7lulz.com. also "Remember who you are." Conclusion Date me.
i like u and u don't suck so
what do u have to lose really?
(also- boobs. dudes like boobs right?)
ur not ever gonna date megan fox
If u refuze, i'll haunt ur prostate
(also- there's one more slide so b sure 2 cheque that out yo)
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