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Copper Kettle Catering

No description

Kelly Settelen

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Copper Kettle Catering

CKC is a full-service catering company
Two product categories:
Deliver only
Deliver and serve
Short Planning horizon, usually a day or less
Deliver and serve, scheduled on Moday
Deliver only, during the week
Operations Analysis
Situation Analysis

Lean Systems Review
What are the barriers to implementing Lean Systems?
Shop Layout as a job process
motion, waiting
Copper Kettle Catering
Where can Lean Systems benefit
Copper Kettle Catering?
Any Questions?
The Tostada Consulting Group
Kelly Settelen, Matt Shrimpton, Cole Russell, and Shana McNamara
Deliver Only:
Delivery of boxed meals - sandwich, salad, dessert, and fruit.
Limited Selections:
6 sandwich choices
3 salads (or chips)
Brownie or fruity bar
Short time horizon - same day delivery guaranteed if ordered by 10 AM
Demand - Constant, menu items vary
Catering Large Parties, Dinners, Weddings
Extensive Menu - hors d'oeuvres, entrees, beverages, special requests
Demand - seasonal - late spring/ early summer & late fall/ early winter
Long time horizon - booked months in advance.
Final Recommendations and Next Steps
Food Preparation Facilities
Job Process Layout of five work areas
Stove/Oven for hot food
Cold area for salad
Hors d'oeuvre area
Sandwich area

Limitations of current process
Space for raw materials
Space for inventory
Some desserts must be picked up

Situation Analysis Cont
Orders consist of two stages
Monday: develop the schedule of deliver-and-serve orders to be processed each day
level of demand allows efficiency in multiple orders
Day-to-Day: Deliver-only orders
Ingredients often run out due to limited inventory space
Menu Variety
crowded inventory
Pickup of desserts

10 Full-Time Employees
2 Cooks
High Level of Training and Skill
8 Food Prep/Servers
Additional Servers Hired as Needed
Operations systems that remove waste and delays from processes:
Cutting excess capacity
Trimming inventory holds
Removing non-value added activities
Spotlight systems that need improvement
"Water" analogy
Rocks below the surface
Separate deliver-only and deliver-and-serve by leasing space during busy season
Train cooks in serving/Train servers to be cooks
Simplify menu
Directional Arrows
Kanban Assembly
Eliminate Pickup




Hors d’oeuvre

Oven/Hot Foods

Cooler 3

Cooler 2


Cooler 1
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