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Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

No description

Paul Taylor

on 1 November 2018

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Transcript of Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

The Rest of Your Profile
Other Notes:
Where to start?
Goals of this session
Show MBA students how to create a professional, informative, and searchable LinkedIn profile
Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile
What is LinkedIn
Professional networking tool
Contact Information
Your Profile Picture
You want to have a professional looking picture
Bad Profile Picture
Good Profile Picture
A head shot is best. The profile picture is one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn Profile.
This heat map shows what people look at first (and spend the most time) on your LinkedIn profile
Why LinkedIn
Your Headline
The headline another important part of your LinkedIn profile
The headline is the basis for how people search on Linkedin
Keywords, Keywords, Keywords
Suggestions for your headline:
MBA Candidate (2019) | Business Development Executive
MBA Candidate (2019) | Supply Chain Professional
MBA Candidate (2019) | Operations and Manufacturing Specialist
Engage and network with community and business leaders
Tips and tricks to optimize your LinkedIn profile
What you will need: A LinkedIn profile, a laptop/tablet, and make sure your security settings are turned off for sharing
Just over 467 million users with approximately 106 million total active monthly users
40 million students or recent grads on LinkedIn
76% of users picked "Who's Viewed Your Profile" as the most helpful LinkedIn feature
Contact Information
Make sure you have your contact information filled out including:
Phone number
Websites (personal or business)
You can also edit your Public Profile URL
Suggestions for this would be:
You want it short, easy to input and use your first and last name
The Summary
The summary is key to a strong LinkedIn profile
It is your first impression you will leave with someone visiting your profile
The Experience Section
Make sure it matches your resume
Position title, the company name, duration of time at the company, and a summary of what the company does is important
In your summary of duties and responsibilities be descriptive but short and concise
Fill out the volunteer and causes section, as well as the awards, certificates, publications, and projects areas
Your Profile
The more information you fill out the better chance your profile gets viewed
Keywords, Keywords, Keywords
Networking and Connections
If you have under 50 connections, recruiters will wonder if this is a real person
If someone views your profile, contemplate connecting with them
Join groups, make comments on discussions, start discussions, post articles. These are all important pieces of networking. Recruiters look at that.
Follow companies you are interested in, they will post interesting information or even opportunities
Try to get some recommendations, these can only come from 1st level connections, think of past employers, team members, and professors. If you don't ask, you won't get them
What do you like about this? Is there anything you would have added?
Settings: When you are making changes to your profile, turn off the activity broadcasts setting.
Settings: "What others see when you've viewed their profile" It is recommended to use your Name and headline. You can then see who viewed your profile
There is a new job search app for LinkedIn, as well as the main LinkedIn app for multiple platforms
If you want some more advanced methods of looking up possible connections, please come and see me individually
It's Time to Enhance Your Profile
Maybe start today with connecting with me.
It's now time for you to start working on your profile. You have 20 minutes.
After the 20 minutes, please share your profile with your neighbour and offer some feedback.
Networking continued...
When you go to a networking event, collect the cards of the people you meet and connect with them on LinkedIn.
An example of a connection message:
Dear XXXX,

It was great meeting you at the MBA event last night. I was hoping to add you to my professional network.

Thanks and I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

Kind regards,
First Name Last Name
*** You have limited space in your initial message to a potential connection
Once you connect with someone, send a follow-up message to them, which includes a call to action
When you are trying to directly connect with someone via LinkedIn, you need to be direct, have a purpose for connecting and show genuine interest
Dear Ms. XXXX

I am a new graduate in Environmental Engineering from the University of Alberta, currently living in Calgary, seeking career opportunities.

I was wondering if I can use your guidance and kind advice on how to continue my career path.

I'd really much appreciate your time in advance.


An example of a message of connection after you initially connect with them:
An example of a direct connection message:
Dear XXXX,

My name is XXXX and I would be very interested in connecting with you. I am a first-year MBA student looking to learn more about the field of XXXXX.

Hoping to connect with you soon!

Kind regards,

First name Last name
What to expect when attempting to connect with someone:
Not everyone wants to connect with you
Some people do not check LinkedIn often, so they may take a little while to get back to you
Keep track of the people you attempt to connect with. You do not want to send more than 1 connection message
You are at a strategic advantage being a student, people are more willing to help students than they are other industry professionals.
What are some good points from these examples?
They are short and to the point (they do not use the 2000 word maximum)
Both are engaging
Both have personality and are different
They have a call to action at the end
Microsoft acquired LinkedIn valued at $26.2 billion
Finding Jobs on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a great source to look for job postings to apply to, companies and recruiters will be posting on here on a regular basis
At any given time LinkedIn has around 10 million job posts with data for around 9 million companies
Jobcast found that well over 93 percent of companies use LinkedIn to connect with and hire new talent
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