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The Death of English (LOL)

Is textese affecting the English Language? If so, for better or worse? Emma & Stef discuss.

Stefanie Melchior

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of The Death of English (LOL)

"people are communicating more and faster than ever, but as 'textese' drop consonants, vowels, punctuation, and make no distinction between letters and numbers... IS TEXTING VALDELISING THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE?" .__..........| |.............
.\ \.....___/___\___.........
..L \___/ ?\........
.LOL ___ ROFL= ?\.......
........<_JL______JL_>....... What is YOUR opinion?
- agree?
- disagree?
- feel texting HELPS us improve our english?
THINK: why does
your opinion
lie here? After hearing our presentation &
David Crystals arguement on 'The gr8 db8' see if your opinion remains
the same... Crystal views the advances in such technologies
as growth, where as a majority of the public,
including Cincotta view it as vandalism to their language. C U 2MRW ARVO
The common perspective among the public, including parents and teachers is that text messaging is disabling peoples ability to speak, write and communicate face to face in the english language.
"slaughtering our vocabulary, savaging our sentances into silly acronyms and bad-mannered abbreviations" (Cincotta, 2008)
Linguist David Crystal , is one of the first professionals to publically disaggree with this common held belief. Crystal found that 90% of text messages are written in perfectly normal, standard english.
Crystal does not accept the use of text short hand in school work as a positive practice..
eg. "O Romeo, Romeo! W R U Romeo?" (Lombardi, 2009).
However, Crystal believes the new habits of text speak have enhanced the language, and he provides evidence that children who text often, scored higher on reading and vocabulary tests.
WTF, WHY????? --> 'You need to have developed a sense of how sounds of your language work, and relate to the letters in order for you to play around with language or use abbreviated forms of it' - Crystal, 2008. 'Texting actually improves your literacy, as it gives you more practice in reading and writing" - Crystal

--> We agree with Crystal that text speak and abbreviations are part of natural language change and growth, however we feel he is a little extreme in saying that texting more frequently will IMPROVE ones' language ability.
WHT DO U TNK? Huang, L. (2008) The Death of English accessed April 12th 2010
www.newsweek.com/id/150449 Cincotta, K. (2008) Broken English accessed April 12th 2010
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