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Guest Relations

No description

Kristy Luk

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Guest Relations

Structure of
Guest Relations

Thank you!
Kristy Luk
Introduction of GR
What do I do?
What my colleagues do
What I have learnt

Where do we work?

Morning Shift Tasks

Afternoon Shift Tasks

Lobby Ambassador
Prepare MD and HTM card

Greet VIPs and AMBs and provide priority check in

Check rooms for VIP

Be efficient and accurate

Ms. Joyce Mang
Ms. Reiko Sugiyama

Director of Japanese Guest Relations
Director of Guest Relations
Ms. Inti Yeung
Guest Relations Supervisor
Ms. Michelle Woodhead
Guest Relations Officer
Ms. Junko Fuiji
Japanese Guest Relations Officer
Where do we work?
The structure of my department
Back office in Lobby Level

Guest Relations Desk in the Lobby

Communicate well

Work together

Be confident
Why are we here?
Why are we here?
Focus on VIPs, Ambassadors, IHG Rewards club members

Take good care of them

Make sure they have a pleasant stay
Morning Shift
Prepare Ambassador letters for the next day
Royal Ambassador
(By invitation)
Platinum Ambassador
(>50 nights / calender year)
Gold Ambassador
(1-49 nights/calender year)
Types of letters
Eng lish
Welcome Back
What do we give to 6A 6C 6CP?
Prepare the AY, HM, BD amenities for next day
A bottle of Champagne
Strawberry Mountain
Birthday Cake
Ms. Reiko Sugiyama
Ms. Joyce Mang
Ms. Michelle Woohead
Ms. Junko Fujii
Ms. Inti Yeung
What do we give to these guests?
Cards signed by GR colleagues
Afternoon Shift
Introduction of Guest Relations
Prepare Same day + 2 days birthday cards and amenities
To surprise the guests who are having their birthday today + 2 days by sending a birthday cake on their exact birthday

Difference between BD report in the morning and the afternoon
- guests' expectation
- getting cake for sure
- May not be sent on the exact birthday but upon arrival
- out of expectation
- may get chocolate
- Sent on the exact birthday
Update tomorrow's IKE for LS (Long Stay), AY, HM, BD
LS = Staying in our hotel for at least 10 nights consecutively
Delete the guests who are leaving tomorrow

Add the guests who arrive today or tomorrow
What do LS guests get?
LS card signed by GR on the 5th night
LS amenities every 5 days
*7 types of LS amenities in total
-> Will not repeat in a month

Email Pastry and prepare the LS card
Email Pastry about how many LS amenities we need for tomorrow
Enroll IHG Rewards Club members and Ambassadors
- Give them drinking voucher and membership card
- add PC code so that guests can get free WIFI
- Verify and Enroll guests in loyalty connect and Opera
- Give out ambassador kit
Ambassador Kit
Welcome letter
Luggage Tag
Weekend night certificate
Temporary Ambassador card
Prepare IHG Rewards Club letters for next day
Similar to Ambassador Letters
=> M1 special code and alert
(Letters already in GS RC pit)
Prepare Same day Ambassador Letter
- Walk in Ambassadors
- Late night booking
- Just enrolled as Ambassador
Lobby Ambassador
What do we do?
- 3 shifts in a week, 2 hours/ shift
- Greet Guests
- Queue Management
- Help with Luggage
- Answer inquiry
- Direct guests to different dept.

Guest Service
Guest Relations
In-room dining
English Ambassador cards
Ms. Natalie But
Guest Relations Officer
Ms. Natalie But
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