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Theater of Cruelty

Antonin Artaud's Theory of True Theater

Amy Sparks

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Theater of Cruelty

Theater of Cruelty by Amy Sparks Definition Antonin Artaud Define Cruelty Jet of Blood Ignite Theater's Jet of Blood Costumes, Props & Masks Cardinal Griffin High
Jet (or Spurt) of Blood Founded by Antonin Artaud, the "Theater of Cruelty" believed the audience should be aesthetically shocked with the cooperation of intense lighting, elaborate costuming, dramatic physicality, chanting, grunts, and screams on the stage. A French artist, actor, and playwright who was also a drug addict who had been institutionalized for mental illness and who supposedly died while holding on to a shoe. By cruelty Artuad did not mean physical torment. Instead, he believed all theater to be cruel from the suffering it causes the actor to "rip away all false realities" and show the world a truth that the audience will find shocking to see. Objects of strange proportions,
enormous masks, and elaborate costumes would be used. "Jet (or Spurt) of Blood" is the only script that remains from Antonin Artaud. A short, very strange play, it was written in 1925. In one scene, for example, the notoriously misogynistic Artaud describes how scorpions are supposed to emerge from under the dress of a wet nurse and "swarm into her sex." Here is a video example of a "Theater of Cruelty" performance piece by a 2005 workshop, Ignite at Theatreworks. In this video, high school actors create a performance piece inspired by "Theater of Cruelty" & Artaud's script. His idea was to create a theater where the world stopped being an empty shell of itself and found its true nature & self. 1896 – 1948
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