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George Washington Williams

No description

McKenna Gallagher

on 11 March 2017

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Transcript of George Washington Williams

George Washington Williams
George Washington Williams
Writing Career:
In the following years he served as a pastor, edited and published several journals and served in the Ohio House of Representatives. During this time he became interested in researching history published the "History of the Negro Race in America" from 1619 to 1880.
This was the first work of literature that provided an objective account that focused on historical accuracy rather than a work of apology or propaganda.
His next work, A History of the Negro Troops in the war of the Rebellion, allowed Williams to gather oral histories from black Civil War veterans and newspaper accounts and was published in 1888. Throughout the rest of the 1880s, he worked on his books, practiced law, and gave lectures.
Ties with King Leopold II:

William wrote an open letter to King Leopold in 1890 after he visited the Congo and was appalled with the suffering of the citizens under Leopold's regime.
This letter concerned the injustice the government had committed against the people under his rule, the brutal exploitation of the people of Congo.
Twelve charges were made, although he meant to spark a movement in protest of the Belgian government's role in its African colony, but little came from this effort in the U.S.

George Washington Williams was born October 16, 1849 in Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania.
He died August 2, 1891 in Blackpool, England.
He was an American historian, minister, politician, lawyer, journalist, and American Civil War Veteran and was the first person to write an objective and scientifically researched history of black people in the US.
Williams was first enlisted at age 14 in the Union Army and fought in the Civil War.
After leaving the army in 1868, he underwent training as a minister and was ordained in 1874
He had limited education due to slavery being abolished in Pennsylvania after the American Revolution.
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