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The Scottsboro Boys

The Scottsboro Boy's were a group of 9 boy's who were accused of raping 2 women.

Alexa Bird

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of The Scottsboro Boys

The Scottsboro Boys
1.)Who were the Scottsboro Boys? How did they get into so much trouble?
-The Scottsboro boys consisted of Charles Weems, Clarence Norris, Andy Wright, Ozie Powell, Olen Montgomery, Eugene Williams, Willie Roberson, Roy Wright, and Haywood Patterson.
2.)Where and when did the Scottsboro Boy's original trial take place? How do you think this affected the outcome of their trial?
3.)What does the NAACP acronym stand for? Why did the NAACP decide not to help the Scottsboro Boys?
-NAACP stands for National Association for the Advancement of colored people.
4.)The communist Party came to the aid of the Scottsboro Boys. How did the South perceive the Communist Party, and how was it similar to the perception of blacks? What was the communist Party's hidden agenda in providing aid to the Scottsboro Boy's?
-The Communist Party preached equality for the blacks. The South hated the Communist Party because they supported the blacks and the South did not. The Communist Party was considered a threat to american democracy. The communist's wanted to be in this trial because they wanted the publicity, and the support of the people who were defending the Scottsboro Boy's.
5.)The Scottsboro Boy's were not provided with adequate defense lawyers. Please list at least 3 ways in which the defense lawyers were inadequate.
6.)Describe the trials. Were they fair or unfair?
-The trials were very unfair because they did not have a lawyer that was focused on helping them get out. They were judged by the color of their skin. Also it was unfair that the girls lied about being raped. They say that the jury acted very racist towards them.
7.)Were the Scottsboro Boys ever pardoned of their convictions?
-The Scottsboro Boy's were all eventually released from prison. Willie Roberson, Olen Montgomery, Eugene Williams, and Roy Wright were released in 1937. The 5 other boys received very long sentence times but were all eventually released. The last of the boys wasn't released until 1950.
8.)The Scottsboro Boy's trial took place during the childhood of To Kill A Mockingbird's author, Harper Lee. Make a prediction about how this trial might be an important impetus for the book.
-Based on the Scottsboro Boy's trial, I predict that To Kill A Mockingbird will be about a black man being wrongly accused of raping a white woman. There will mostly be evidence suggesting he didn't do it, but he will likely be imprisoned anyway. If this story is supposed to mimic the 1930's trial, it will be about hatred, racism, and unequal treatment towards people of color.
-Many of the boys were involved with the fight on the train or were near the fight when it happened(Train fight was with most of the Scottsboro boys and some white men.). All most all of the boys had a very bad child hood or had gotten into trouble with the law before the train incidence.
-The original trial took place in Scottsboro Alabama on April 6-7,1931. Their Judge was judge A.E Hawkins.
-Alabama was a very racist state at the time and almost every trial was ruled against african americans.
-" The NAACP, which might have been expected to rush to the defense of the Scottsboro Boys, but did not. Rape was a politically explosive charge in the south, and the NAACP was concerned about damage to its effectiveness that might result if it turned out some or all of the boys were guilty."
-So the NAACP didn't defend the boys right away because rape looks really bad in the south and if the boys were guilty it would look bad on the NAACP.
By: Alexa, Madison, & Kaiya
Prezi & Google Images
1.) They were trying to get all 9 boys tried together.
2.) They didn't take there time on the cross-examination for Victoria Price.
3.) The defense lawyers offered only the Scottsboro Boy's as witnesses.
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