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Forrest Gump Research Project

No description

Alex Brandenburg

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Forrest Gump Research Project

Forrest Gump Research Project
Students will research and present a particular event that takes place in the film “Forrest Gump.” This will allow the class to decipher what is true and false in the film.
Elvis Presley
Famous singer, musician, and actor.
Often referred to himself as the "king of rock and roll."
Paul "Bear" Bryant & University of Alabama Football
Legendary football coach for the University of Alabama.
Vietnam War
War between the U.S. and Communist Vietnam.
Research Choices
While Forrest is not a real person, many of the events/people that he was involved with were real. This is your chance to research them and tell us the truth about it all.
Nathan Bedford Forrest
Lieutenant General in the Confederate Army.
Served as Grand Dragon of the KKK
University of Alabama Desegregation/ George Wallace Biography
George Wallace carried out a symbolic threat to stand in front of the school doors to prevent African American students from entering the building.
35th President of the United States.
Assassinated in 1963.
Black Panthers
Believed a revolution was necessary to end segregation. This came from the Black Nationalist movement.
Apollo Program/Apollo 11
Program whose goal was to put a man on the moon.
Apollo 11 was the first mission to put man on the moon.
Richard Nixon/Watergate Scandal
37th president of the United States.
Scandal that led to Nixon's resignation. He was involved in covering up acts such as bugging the offices of political opponents and the harassment of activist groups and political figures.
Hurricane Carmen
Hurricane that went through the Gulf of Mexico in 1974.
President Ford Bio/Assassination Attempts
38th US President
Two different times there were attempts to assassinate President Ford.
Creation of Apple, Inc.
Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, & Ronald Wayne
President Reagan Bio/Assassination Attempt
40th US President
Shot in the first months of his presidency. Survived to serve two terms.
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