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AEIF 2015

Introduction to the 2015 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund competition!

ECA Alumni

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of AEIF 2015

AEIF 2015 Timeline
AEIF Launches!
On February 3rd, AEIF 2014 begins! Gather your teams, ideas, and excitement!
Proposals Are Due Today!
Proposals are due by noon EST on February 24th! Get your proposals done, and don't be late as exceptions will not be made.
Alumni Voting Begins
Finalists will be announced on March 10th. Log in to vote for your favorite projects!
Final Proposals Are Due!
Don't be late for this very important date! Finalists have until March 31st at noon EST to refine their project proposals.
The winners of the 2015 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund will be announced in early May.
Update Your Profile
An updated alumni profile is more appealing to AEIF teams
2 15
Alumni Led
Are alumni the main implementers of the project? Is that clear in your proposal?
your project should have:
Clear Goals
your project should have:
Implementation Steps
your project must have:
Measurable Results
Ingredients for a Successful AEIF Proposal
your project should be:
Will a panelist reading your proposal understand the goal of your project? Have you made the purpose of the project clear?
You have a wonderful idea, but how will you implement it? Have you described the steps it will take to implement the project you are proposing?
What are the anticipated results of this project? Does your proposal convey expected results?
Because Your Ideas Matter
The State Department created the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) in 2011 to support alumni initiatives that promote shared values and innovative solutions to global challenges.
The competition provides small grants to teams of past and current U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs to carry out public service projects that utilize skills and knowledge they have gained through their exchange experiences.
To participate, alumni must be members of the International Exchange Alumni (IEA) global online community and form teams of at least five IEA community members.
Proposed projects must embody one of the AEIF themes.
In 2014, 66 grants of up $25,000 were awarded to alumni teams to support their public service projects.
This year, that could be you.
Somewhere between your exchange, your school, or your job, you had an idea.
That crazy, brilliant, genius idea is going to change your community and our world.
But first, you need a team to help you, and you need funding.
That's where we come in. Through AEIF, we help our alumni fund their dream service projects.
Ready to get started? Great! Let's review what a good AEIF proposal includes.
I know that AEIF launches on February 3rd, but what are the other deadlines?
Great question! Please review our deadlines carefully, as we cannot accommodate late entries.
Thanks! But what if I have more questions?
On February 5th and 18th, visit our Facebook page for a live Q & A. Our AEIF team will be standing by to answer all of your questions.
Are you on Tumblr? So are we! Always feel free to drop a question about AEIF in our Ask IEA Box. You don't need a Tumblr to submit a question.
Check out our AEIF CAQs
Take a look at the 2015 AEIF themes!
Conflict Resolution
Access to Education
Civic Participation
Social Inclusion of Vulnerable Populations
Climate Change and Environmental Protection
Global Health Awareness
Empowering Women and Girls
Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment
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