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Cryptids of Georgia

No description

Kevin Chavez

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Cryptids of Georgia

CRYPTIDS OF GEORGIA Nothern Georgia Lizardman South Georgia Skunk ape Pigman Black panthers Goat man Werewolf (only one ) Atlanta Sasquatch Big foot it is a lizard with joints on
its legs that allows it to walk.
it lives in the sewers and drags
its food in through opennings
on top.
http://animal.discovery.com/videos/lost-tapes-lizard-man.html Mothman
(one sighting) a gaint human like cryptid
that is found all over the world.
it was first found in a old amry
tranning area.
most poeple think it's a mutated
a cryptid bigger than a
human with fur covering
its whole body .
it is verry agresive and will kill any one in its truff.
http://animal.discovery.com/videos/lost-tapes-southern-sasquatch.html a cryptid about the size of a human.
it acts like an ape and is not agresive and less likely to kill someone
werewolfs are bigger than
a human and are extremly
their long claws, strong hind legs,
and sharp teeth makes them one of the
hardest cryptids to kill a cryptid like big foot that has a nasty smell.
it is found in florida also.
it lives in swamps and is not known to kill anyone JUST TO SCARE YOU ABOUT lizardman
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