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Copy of O'Henry Project

Project for Mrs.Wilburn

Ben Denny

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of O'Henry Project

O.Henry Project One Thousand Dollars

Ben Denny •Characterization Irony Mood Of The Story What is the Theme? Summary What Point of View? When Gillian’s uncle passes away Gillian is left with one thousand dollars. Once the money has been spent he has to write an account on how it was spent. Giving the money to someone that he loved he wrote his account. Handing over his account the lawyers inform him that if he spent the money unselfishly he will receive fifty thousand dollars. Before the lawyer gets the envelope Gillian grabs it and rips it up then lies and said he lost it on a bet. One thousand Dollars is written in third
person. The way I know this is by the words
used. If it was first person the word I would
be used, instead the word he is used for Gillian. I think the message O'Henry was trying to tell us is
that money cannot bring happiness love does. The reason I think that is because in the end he rips up the envelope
because he loved Miss Hayden. He didn't want the money
he wanted the girl. On page 35 when Gillian asks a blind man what to do
with a thousand dollars the man pulls out a pocket
book, and his balance is $1,785. This is situational
irony because the blind man that has no job yet has over
a thousand dollars. When I was reading One Thousand Dollars I was in
suspense. I kept wondering what he was going to
do with the money. Then when the lawyers tell him
he could have fifty thousand I was completely shocked
when he ripped the envelope to shreds and lied. The Author uses the characters own actions,
Thoughts, feelings to describe him. In the end of the
story when Gillian rips up the envelope out of love
that shows he loves Ms. Hayden more than money.
The Author also uses Old Bryson to describe Gillian
He says you've always had plenty of money to spend.
Then Gillian says uncle was the fairy godmother as
far as allowance was concerned. Plot Diagram Money cannot bring happiness Love can. Theme Conflict
Gillian Doesn't know what to do with the money.
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