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Maasai People


Sheen Chin

on 9 September 2009

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Transcript of Maasai People

Culture Geography Maasai people lived
in areas of Kenya
and Tanzania About 900k population Semi- Nomadic Nomadic: Moving around, never staying in one place One of the most well-known African Tribes They build houses using readily available materials First, timber poles are stuck into the ground. Houses are star-shaped or circular Constructed by able-bodied women Villages are enclosed with walls built by men Livestock are kept in encolsures in the center of the village. Language Maasai speak... Maa, their traditional language. Swahili, official language of Africa And English! However, it is hard to estimate the numbers because the villages are remote. Then it is plastered with mud, sticks, grass, cow dung, human urine, and ash It is waterproof, measuring 3x5m, and 1.5m high. Maasai
People Tribe Leaders are normally elder men. They make peace if there is a disagreement with payment in cattle. Execution is unheard of. Religion The Maasai are monotheistic. Monotheistic: Believing in only one god. Their god has two natures: The Black God is benevolent While the Red God is vengeful. Also, they have shamans
who are involved in
healing, divination and
prophecy. However, some Maasai have become Christians and Muslims. Shamans: People who supposedly
have the ability to enter the spirit
world and talk to spirits. Because they have a high infant death rate,
The newborn is not recognized as a
member of the tribe until 3 days after birth. When someone in the tribe dies... Their bodies are left for scavengers. Burial is only for the high-ranking chiefs. Lifestyle/ Subsistence The society revolves around cattle and children. More cattle and children= richer. Normally cattle are kept, fattened and then eaten.or sold. Rites of Adulthood When becoming adults, both males and females must undergo circumcidsion Circumcision: Removal of foreskin... Mutilation? The Maasai are polygamous Polygamous: Allowed to have children with whomever they want Diet A typical Maasai diet is.. Meat Milk And blood All from cattle! Clothing The Maasai once wore animal skins But now commercial cloth is favoured. They wear all colors, warriors even wear pink!! even if it has flowers! Sandals are preferred footwear. Hair would be shaved off when entering another stage of life. Now When you have seen all this...

Are the Maasai any different from us?

Thanks for watching!
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