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WCMC Your Health First V0.1

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Elisabetta Bruno

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of WCMC Your Health First V0.1

Welcome to Your Health First:
An initiative to promote better health and lifestyle choices in Qatar.

Find out more about the great campaigns we’re running here.
About Sahtak Awalan: Your Health First
Sahtak Awalan:
Your Health First is an outreach educational health programme brought about by Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar (WCMC-Q), in association with Qatar’s Supreme Council of Health.

Launched in June 2012, this five-year campaign is designed to create a healthier Qatari nation.

Qatar Petroleum, ExxonMobil, Occidental Petroleum Qatar and Vodafone Qatar are the generous sponsors.
To create awareness about healthy behaviors and disease prevention, as well as to educate Qatar’s citizens about how poor lifestyle choices can have a negative impact on health

To build a strong foundation towards creating a healthy society able to contribute fully to Qatar’s knowledge-based society in line with the objectives of Qatar National Vision 2030

Provides health messages using simple terminology, which are easy for the general public to understand

Hopes to create healthy habits among the youth
Campaign messages are split into different audiences, ultimately touching on all family members

Confronts some of the major health issues facing Qatar’s population

The campaign talks to the public in a friendly manner, making healthy lifestyles more achievable.
Facts Cont..
Sahtak Awalan:
Your Health First has created the first calorie-counting app that is available in Arabic and English. The app encourages users to log their food and drink intake. A system of traffic lights indicates whether the food choice is healthy or unhealthy, with the aim of educating users on healthier eating habits to attain or maintain their goal weight.

The app boasts a vast list of food items in its database, including lots of typical Arabic foods
Available on Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad, and Android App Store for Smartphones
Easy to use
Encouraging healthier choices of food and drinks

Sahtak Awalan:
Your Health First has introduced canteen branding at schools throughout Qatar. Interactive displays show healthy lifestyle messages in school canteens. The aim is for children to be more aware of their food choices and take responsibility for their future health, hopefully preventing this generation’s obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
School Canteen
Focusing on creating better eating habits in children
Currently at Qatar Foundation schools, the scheme aims to be rolled out across the country
A stamp book reward system for healthy choices; a Top Trumps game; and recipe cards to take home are also part of the initiative
Senior schools also show information about calculating BMI
School Canteen
The Greenhouse initiative was launched to introduce the concept of freshly grown, healthy foods to primary school children across Qatar. The aim is to inspire children to take an interest in where their food originates from and to encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables. Crops are harvested when ready and taken home to inspire healthy eating by the whole family.
Greenhouses for Schools
Selected schools receive a greenhouse, plant pots, compost, fruit and vegetable seeds and are told how best to grow the seeds.
Greenhouses currently established in 16 schools
Competition between schools for the best harvest
Plans in place to roll the initiative out across more schools

Greenhouses for Schools
The Challenge is a competition promoting exercise and healthy living amongst Qatar’s youth. Middle schools are invited to take part in a poster competition highlighting health issues, followed by a fun inter-school sports day. The Challenge sees kids battling it out in 6 unique activities, some using inflatable devices, including who can kick a football the furthest; the bungee run; and a 10m sprint challenge.
The Challenge
15 participating schools in 2013, 20 participating schools in 2014
Due to its success, 2015 will be The Challenge’s 3rd year
Independent and international schools participate
Audience members are treated to fresh food stalls and health assessments
Encourages team building and fitness

The Challenge
During Ramadan 2014, the Your Health First team developed the Your Healthy Choice campaign. The purpose of this campaign was to help people take better decisions about their food intake during Ramadan and beyond. The campaign messages focus on the benefits of eating balanced meals and tips for healthier fasting.
Your Healthy Choice Campaign
Advise prepared by nutritionists and other health experts at mall booths throughout Qatar
The campaign includes a TV series, broadcasts on QF Radio, social media
competitions and mall activations
Messages aimed at all members of the family
Your Healthy Choice Campaign
Several events have been hosted to engage and educate the public about simple ways to lead a better lifestyle. Events are often aligned with national holidays, such as the attempt to create the world’s largest painting, Paint Your Healthy Future, on National Sports Day, which also included a number of sports and health activities at different locations.
Community Presence
The Color Run was brought to Qatar to add fun to running
Ramadan activities were targeted at raising awareness about obesity
National Day included a DIY smoothie maker attached to a bicycle and introduced the ‘Grow Your Own’ concept
Focus on distributing health messages in a fun way

Community Presence
Ask the expert is a series of seminars on health topics. Speakers at the seminars are experts in their specific area and share information with other health professionals as well as the general public. The interactive public talks aim to help attendees understand health matters and encourage them to make positive changes to their family’s lifestyle.
Ask the Expert
Entry to seminars is free and open to anyone
Topics to date have covered long-term weight loss, breaking unhealthy habits, benefits of exercise and beating stress
Hosted at Diplomatic Club, Doha
Speakers are invited from across Doha and abroad

Ask the Expert
Yalla Natural encourages the public to learn how to grow, eat and exercise naturally. The campaign aims to highlight how easy it is to grow your own fruit and vegetables at home, as well as taking the stress out of the preparing healthy meals and adding exercise into the family’s routine. The Yalla Natural roadshow, brings a trailer full of these fun activities to malls and parks throughout Qatar.
Yalla Natural
Activities at the trailer include cooking demonstrations, an introduction to planting crops and information about simple exercise
The Yalla Natural trailer will be manned by trained staff who will educate visitors
Planting kits and recipe cards are available to take away
Stops include main landmarks such as the Corniche, Katara, Aspira Park and Sealine
Yalla Natural
Based on the idea that children who eat healthier foods from a young age will grow into healthier adults, international celebrity chef Ann Cooper was invited to demonstrate some simple cooking skills to children and adults. The objective was to encourage a passion for healthy eating and cooking in children, as well as teach parents that preparing healthy meals is not complicated.
Healthy Chef
Children were invited to participate in cooking simple healthy dishes
A more complex dish was demonstrated to the adults, and visitors could taste samples of these great dishes
Dieticians from Qatar Foundation were also on hand to offer advice
Guests could assemble their own customized recipe book, by selecting their favorite recipes from the recipe wall
Guests could leave their healthy pledge in the pledge wall

Healthy Chef
Since starting out its campaign in 2012, Your Health First has gained great momentum and is making an impact on the population of Qatar. Your Health First recognizes the importance of research to make sure the campaign the reaching its objectives:
Your Health First: Making An Impact
87% of respondents believe that YHF is effectively educating the community about health issues
83% believed small changes would have a big impact on their health and 81% felt information would make their journey to healthier living easier
88% surveyed said that healthy, nutritional foods are available locally. 75% believed health information is available and 84% felt that there is support for weight loss
74% of those who were familiar with the campaign would consider or had taken action to improve their lifestyle
Your Health First: Making An Impact

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