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MKTG1205_SGS G01_Dielac team_Dielac

No description

Hiep Vo Ngoc

on 1 November 2014

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Transcript of MKTG1205_SGS G01_Dielac team_Dielac

Marketing Objective
To ensure right price & slight different price

• Should establish price policy

To avoid conflict

• Should lower the degree of interdependence

• Improve negotiation skill => put business relations above benefits of trade deal.
Marketing Analysis Part B
Presenters: Pham Tan Bao Chau
Nguyen Thi Xuan Ha
Vo Thi Ngoc Hiep
Vu Ngoc Le Huong
Duong Ngoc Thanh Thuy
Ho Le Phuong Trinh

Tutor: Mr. V.V. Dung
Group 1
Company and Product information

Target customers


Marketing objective


Conclusion and Reference
dielac information
Target customer
2. Specific behavioral of different groups:
1. Psychographic:
Lifestyle: love sweet food and candies, like discovering the new things.
Personality: easy to be attracted by lovely characters, dynamic and curious.
2. Behavorial:
Need additional nutrients to the unborn baby and to the body, creating a lot of milk for breastfeeding
Young children (0-6 years)
Pregnant and breeding women (23+)
Adult (50+)
1. Psychographic:
- care about their own and babies’ health.
- feel uncomfortable in erratic diets
Personality: be careful, sensitive and changeable.
Usage rate:
Usage status:
1. Psychographic:
Lifestyle: they understand and know that their health is the most important and they also spend lots of time for their family.
Personality: introverted, caring, grumpy, fussy and careful.

2. Behavioral:
Benefit sought:
User status: potential users.
Usage rate: medium product users.
Loyalty: completely loyal.
- Tangible goods

- Convenience products
Product-mix pricing strategies
4P's Summary
3 level of product
Brand equity: focus on the environment, have responsibility with products and employees.

Reaction to

+ Customer: improve and enhance people's health
reasonable price

+ Government: follow policies

+ Community: responsibility with the environment

=> Build strong believe in customers.
Price adjustment strategies
Price psychological
diversify of products and services to supply the needs of customers.
price reasonable and safety products to build the relationship with consumers.
no warranty
Line extension strategy

New product

=> customers will have more choice to select products which suit for them and their children
The main exported markets are the Middle East
Modern channel
Traditional channel
Marketing channels
Distribution networks
Ad strategies
1, slice of life
2, testimonial
Direct marketing
Personal selling
Public Relation
- Concern about the time to advertising.
- Maintain the best position of milk brand

- Keep building a friendly brand image.
- Being active in raw material.
- Increase the number of Dielac agents
- Ensure right price or a slight difference of the product at retailers
- Research carefully about distribution channels to avoid conflict
Strategies to Product
To active in raw materials

• Develop cow farm. VNM has capability, so they can has their own cow farm. Also, need to collaborate with farmers.
To maintain the position and friendly brand image
• Should research to develop new products: milk power reduce blood sugar level (add cinnamon to milk powder), more taste (strawberry, chocolate…)
• Production activity should come up with environmental sustainability.
Strategies to Price and Place
Strategies to Promotion
Sale promotion
To advertise right time

• Dielac for children: after 5pm on HTV7,9,3

• Dielac for parents (pregnant) before 7pm on VTV, HTV

• Dielac for elder: during 8pm they usually watch film this time
To improve personal selling

• Establish more agents and showrooms.

• Add more P.S teams to these branches to introduce and consult directly to customers.
The line of Dielac is based on difference age stages:

+ Children from 1 month to 6 years old.

+For pregnant: provide nutrition, supplement calcium iron, zinc, iodine, vitamin A, C, D3, E and vitamin B mixture.

+ For adults: provide high protein, no lactose, no cholesterol
Reasons to development:

+Satisfied the demand of Vietnamese consumers

+Improve the healthy and intellectual for our next generation

Target customers
Marketing objective and Recommendations
Core customer value
Actual product
Augmented product
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