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Te Whanganui A Tara

No description

Isaac wilkes

on 7 September 2011

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Transcript of Te Whanganui A Tara

Island Bay By Isaac Wilkes History During maori land wars over the harbour, Ngati Ira, chief of the tribe Whanake, sent his wife Tamairanga and daughter to the island to take refuge. Island Bay was first used as farmland but it was colonized by Italian and Shetlander fishermen in 1879. In 1905 the Wellington tramline was extended to Island Bay increasing its popularity and developing it into a suburb. Many of the houses and shops in Island Bay date back to 1920 when a lot of development was happening. Attractions Island Bay has lots of things to do. A short walk down to the local shops will bring you across the Marine Education Centre which opens on alternating Sundays, Shorland park, which is a very nice place to have a picnic, a playground, library, a dog play area and band rotunda just to name a few. A short drive towards Berhampore will take you past Urskine College, where the movie "The frighteners" was set. Urskine College was built in 1904 and is considered one of New Zealand's most historical places. Wakefield Park was recently refurbished with astro turf and is going to be used for rugby world cup training. Island bay Has its own Library, four primary schools, five preschools, six churches, a medical centre, a Community Resource Centre and Plunket rooms and a skate park near Wakefield Park. Arts And Culture Island Bay caters for everyone with plenty of Arty and Cultural things to do. Rita Angus painted many scenes in Island Bay and her picture 'Island Bay' was one her personal favourites. Near the local shops the Empire Cinema sits. It was an art deco cinema. It opened in 1925 and closed in 1964. It was converted into a hardware store until it was bought back in 2005 and was turned back into a cinema. It now screens arthouse and mainsteam films daily. Island Bay has two art galleries, South Coast Gallery and Micheal McCormack Gallery. Near the centre of the shops is a small shop called Koru. Koru sells pottery jewellery and prints. Up Behind the Island Bay Tennis and squash centre sits the Island Bay marae. The 2500 square metre wooden house extends over 10 levels and was made out of recycled materials Island Bay Festival Island Bay
By Rita Angus Island Bay

By Rita Angus The Island Bay Festival happens once a year in February. It is down The Esplanade and goes into Shorland Park and up Reef Street. At the festival small stall line the street and street performers do their best tricks. Down the other end of island bay racers prepare their carts for the Ribble Street Races. The racers compete for their chance to take home a trophy. At the beach boats ferry people across to the island and then everyone races back to the mainland Environment Island Bay's beach was turned into a wildlife reserve in August 2008 and covers 854 hectares of water. It was chosen as an ideal place for a reserve because 3 currents meet at Island Bay Beach which brings together hot cold and warm water into a small place bringing in lots of different flora and fauna. The bush behind Ribble street was turned into a wild life reserve shortly after. The Island Bay marine education centre is situated in nearly the exact centre of the reserve. It is a small building that used to be a boatshed but was fixed up in early 2007. The Island Bay reserve has built up with wildlife and is a hotspot for diving. One diving company operates in Island Bay, Island Bay Divers. Island Bay divers tak Trips into the Reserve Daily. Cost To enjoy Island Bay You do not need a lot or any money at all. On every second Sunday the Island Bay Marine Education centre is open. Down at the beach there is two wharfs that are great fun to jump off. Down the road towards the shops sit 4-5 nice cafes and resturaunts. They are pretty cheap and a few of them have won awards. If you keep walking past the shops and towards Wakefield Park You will come across a skate park.
The skate park has a half pipe 2 bowls and 3 flats. They are great fun to do on a nice day. Future Possibilties I think that island bay has quite a lot of future possibilties. Lately there has been a lot of houses being built and renovated. about a two and a half months ago wakefield park was re-done with astro turf.
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