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USDC Scrum

No description

Amy Accardi

on 28 December 2012

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Transcript of USDC Scrum

The USDC has everything needed for client success in one location Gainesville Web development:
Java/ J2EE technology, Frameworks
Microsoft: .Net technology, Sharepoint, Frameworks
Testing practice: Test lab, Automation, Frameworks
Mobile Application Development
Processes & certifications:
Standardizing processes across USDC
Agile capabilities
Oracle Java Cert, MCPM, MCTL, MCBA certifications
ISO 27001/2 certification
BI/ Analytics Welcome to the
US Delivery Center USDC Expertise Focus Areas Application Development & Maintenance Java / J2EE technology, Frameworks
Microsoft: .Net technology, Sharepoint, Frameworks
User Interface / User Experience
Web design Test lab
TCoE Independent Testing Digital Business Processes & Certifications Standard across USDC
Agile delivery
Oracle Java certification, MCPM, MCTL, MCBA certifications
ISO 27001/2 certification Analytics & Information Management
Leadership Additional focus on Quality Faster
Better Outputs... Benefits of Mindtree USDC Same time zones Mindtree USDC in the News Mindtree's Agile Best Practices We ensure subject matter experts and business team members speaking the same language. We have created a physical environment designed for mental stimulation & easy collaboration. Mindtree trains the entire team, both Minds and customers, so they speak and think “Agile”. Mindtree identifies measurable outcomes, not just outputs, using Agile. Together with our clients, we define when a User Story is “done” in a comprehensive and objective way. We have optimized reporting and oversight requirements. We have enhanced early customer involvement and design using test driven development. Mindtree aims to gain customer trust by demonstrating value at the end of each iteration. User Stories prioritized to ensure demonstrable progress at end of each Sprint.

Daily updates to Burn Down chart and updates to Burn Up chart after every Sprint.

Quality in Progress items added to Backlog and prioritized to ensure they remain visible.

Focus on avoiding technical debt accumulation through regular code reviews during Sprints. Our User Stories INVEST:
Sized Appropriately
Testable “Done” includes satisfying documentation, UAT, independent testing requirements and how “done” will be measured objectively. Demonstrations at the end of every Sprint. User Acceptance Testing in-stream. More formalized oversight. Instill client confidence in Team and show progress. Ensures solution is on target. Keeps stakeholders focused on providing feedback. Easy travel to clients Faster turnaround times An overall better client experience PLUS... Community support from: Sprint 1 Planning Sprint 2 Planning Sprint 1 Starts Sprint 2 Starts Sprint 3 Planning Sprint 3 Starts Timeline: And have all the tools to work with clients who are right down the road or distributed across the US. Standard of Measurement for Productivity, Predictibility & Quality Mindtree baselines these parameters for future growth, continuous quality improvement and predictable results. Knowledge Transition Plan Agile Excellence Video conferencing Skype Easy , cost effective travel to clients Agile Reporting: The right amount of documentation. Mindtree Expert Capabilities iOS
iPad Business intelligence
Data analytics
Data quality
Big data Transparent communication. Sprint 1 Automation Transparent communications
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