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Aum Shinrikyo

Terrorists of Japan

Amanda Rogers

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Aum Shinrikyo

AUM SHINRIKYO AKA.. A.I.C Est. 1987 Aum Aimed to
take over japan..
then the world! tHE GROUP ENEMY IS THE WORLD.
Aum's principal membership is located in Japan while a residual branch of about 300 followers live in Russia Shoko Asahara is the prominent leader. PUBLICITY? Aum Shinrikyo engaged in commercial enterprises, acquired property.
Aum recives no external aid. What stratagies or weapons does AUM use?
Aum releases chemical agents. Aum recieves no external aid! Who are the members?! Aoyama, yoshinobu: lawyer
asahara, shoko: leader
shinya, asano
chow, tom
endo, seiichi
Fujinaga, Kozo
furukawa, masao
hara, yoshiro
hasegawa, shigeyuki
hashimoto, saturo
and many, many more!!.... how does the group recruit
new members and how do they
appeal?... the group is like a
cult so people join and the
longer they are in the group
the higher up they go. they are
appealed if they are of no
use to the group. acts? released chemical nerve agent
sarin on several tokyo subway
trains killing 12 people. location? Main base in japan, small
ones in russia group kills enemie's civilians to
get the enemy to react the group's reasoning behind
their actions is that since the
world is supposedly "ending"
soon, they want to do it first. the threat level to the u.s is
about a 2 just like many other
nations since the group
is trying take over
everyone, not
just the u.s. the end!
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