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The Industrial Revolution and British Football

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Jack Morrissey

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of The Industrial Revolution and British Football

By Jack Morrissey
The Industrial Revolution and British Football
Question Posed:

The question I posed for my extended response was Evaluate the changes British Football had due to the Industrial Revolution

So many aspects of British football changed during the revolution like how the game was played, when people played and how much football integrated into everyday life. Industry began to dominate the economy and workers moved from field to factory and developed a new-found desire for material wealth. Through the 19th century football was expanding its horizons all over Britain; there was only one problem, everyone played different versions of the game. The answer, players from around the country came together to meet at Cambridge University for the fifth or sixth time to form the Football Association or FA, the game had evolved. Transport is another factor that assisted in British football transcending and becoming the world game. Transport allowed teams to maneuver around Britain faster, easier and better than ever before.
My research project involved many hard labouring hours searching for sources and information on my chosen topic. Over the course of my research process I found many many essays, youtube videos, books, novels, photos and autobiographies; some of these sources were written or produced by well known historians, footballers or football associates, eg, World-renowned football Commentator Martin Tyler and former England international and Manchester United forward Michael Owen
My Chosen Topic:
My chosen topic for my Year 11 Modern History Historical Investigation was The Industrial Revolution and British Football, I chose this topic because I'm a very passionate football supporter and I was intrigued when it came to my attention that football in Britain expanded quite quickly during the revolution. Between 1870 and the Football League inauguration year in 1888 more than 15 football clubs formed, many coming out of munitions factories like Arsenal FC, steel factories like Sheffield FC or iron factories like West Ham FC
Two Specific Sources
Primary Source:

Secondary Source: An essay I found online
from a website called 'markedbyteachers'
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