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04.05 The Great Depression

No description

Sasha LeBlanc

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of 04.05 The Great Depression

04.05 The Great Depression
TeeSasha LeBlanc

The Sister
The Daughter
The great depression has changed my whole life, not just mine but my whole family. The great depression has caused me to lose my one of my sons, my farm, my house and even my stock market. I am trying my all to make a living through this disaster because i know my wife and kids are depending on me. I just want to be able to feed and provide my family again and not have to struggle. When we lost our house and everything else we lost all of our extra clothes , so we only have the clothes that's on our backs now. I hope to where ever my family and I move it can be a better life for us there.
Due to the Dust Bowl I have lost just about everything except my family. My youngest brother died just a few days after everything started to happen. I'm only 18 years old and I never thought this would ever happen to my family and me. The Dust Bowl took everything like my house and the animals that were on the farm. Between losing my younger brother and our animals my family is very depressed and does not what to do. My grandfather wants to move to California because he believe he can find better work to get my family back on there feet.
My family and i are from Texas. My husband and i have 2 beautiful children. Our lives have changed a lot due to the great depression. My husband was a farmer and he worked very hard to make a living for our family. When the great depression came through our town we lost everything that meant something to us: the farm, the animals and most of all our home. Still having faith we moved our whole family to California hoping there would be better opportunities here for us.
The Grandfather
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