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A Super-Sweet Manifesto

Sweet Phenomena's Brand Manifesto

Tiffany Manley

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of A Super-Sweet Manifesto

PASSI ON Passion is at the hear t of everything the products & services I offer & touches every decision I make. Passion pushes me to create & share quality resources that help women & girls live a vibrant life full of vitality, creativity, & total epicness. CREATIVITY Anybody can sell you a product. I want to indulge your senses by providing creative books, workbooks, & mentoring programs. I believe every client should
feel as if they are receiving high-end
awesomeness, & this begins with my
being totally & unabashedly creative. HIGH END Clean design. Couture resources. I am not stuffy I am a straight or frou-frou or proper. shooter & full of vibrancy & a peculiar lass. This combines to create unique & posh goods for you. SPARKLE Not enough things sparkle today. We've become content with the mundane, the ordinary, doing things the easiest & most common way.

I think conformity is for n00bs. If I'm delivering something, it had better be full of sparkle (& win). If I can slap glitter on it, I will. If I can't physically bestow sparkly awesome beauty on it, that baby will sparkle in some fashion, whether it's content or images or the epic title.

*wink* PINK If you don't totally *heart* pink, or if you can't accept seeing it in just about every aspect of anything I do, this probably isn't the place for you.

I get you might not love it as much as I do, but if the color makes you violently ill, Sweet Phenomena might just kill you. CURATION Creating quality content is important to me. Sharing my perspective with each of you provides me with a platform & you with a unique view of the world.

No woman is an island, though, and I don't always have all the answers. Curating the best content from the best sources means that I can rock your socks off times, like, a billion. Total. Win. GENEROSITY Serving others is a huge part of what I do. Whether you need homeschool help or want to raise a confident woman, my desire is to share my very best with you.

Generosity touches other aspects of my business as well. By identifying charities to share with, girls to mentor, or women business owners to assist, I hope to make the Sweet Phenomena brand synonymous with a generous spirit. DREAMING BIG Remember when you were a child & you had unbelievably awesome dreams? We lose that as we grow up, & it's totally not right.

I want to keep dreaming alive. I want to encourage everyone to continue to dream, to dream big, to follow their dreams. That magic makes life interesting & fun. Sweet Phenomena seeks to encourage dreaming in everyone who encounters the brand. SHARING Share great products. Share a safe place to cry. Share information. Share what helps others. Sharing helps keep me in touch with where I came from & how each of us is connected. PHENOMENA definition: a remarkable person or thing Remarkable is fun. Remarkable is awesome. You don't have to be famous or popular to be remarkable. You just have to be you. Sweet, wicked-cool, amazeballs you. That's what Sweet Phenomena hopes to bring to the world: the realization by every woman & girl that she is a phenomena, capable of anything. I do. It melds with A Super-Sweet Manifesto A S u p e r S w e e t M a n i o f e s t
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