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eCW Implementation Process

No description

Nikhil Mehta

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of eCW Implementation Process

eClinicalWorks Implementation
Nikhil Mehta
Project Manager

Importance of Definition
The Road After
Project Kick Off
Understand the business case
Define Project Objectives

Data Gathering
Billing Discovery
Clearinghouse Enrollment
Data Migration Scope

Business Analysis Site Visit


Interface Kick Off

Roll Out Planning

Software Deployment

Interface Install & Testing

System Build


Introducing the SAM

Follow-up Trainings

Project Closeout
Steering Committee
Steering committee should be comprising of the decision makers from every aspect of this implementation on the client side to make the right choices when needed.
Project Lead
Acting as the main contact at the practice responsible for communicating directly with the eCW Project Manager, driving the implementation from the practice side to ensure that timelines, deliverable, milestones are met & managing expectations with other external vendors
Super Users
Clinical Champions from different departments within the system who get trained the software first and then assist in key decisions during the implementation as they already have an understand of how the software functions.
IT & Network
Performing a detailed analysis of the current hardware, software & infrastructure of the practice, keeping the Practice Project Lead and eCW PM updated on the status of all new hardware, software, networking, etc. Assisting eClinicalWorks with install-related tasks, such as the Network Check, Install Check, and Initial Installations.
Integration & Interoperability
Care integration, interfaces with systems & entities, hospitals & laboratories. Integration with devices.
Data integrators, trend predictors, community analysis.... Everything about bringing costs down (& revenues up).
Project Manager
Your main point of contact at eCW during this implementation process, responsible for managing overall implementation to ensure that timelines, milestones, deliverables, and project goals are met.
Business Analyst
Responsible for workflow and gap analysis, system build sessions, training agendas.
Overseeing interface project plans, designing complex interface flows working with the middleware and making recommendations in order to improve and support the client’s business activities
eCW product expert who will be onsite for during pre-implementation and post-implementation period assisting personnel on both sides of the coin.
Software Trainers
Demonstrating the eCW software and providing detailed core product training, assisting with database customization (if needed) & providing Tier 1 support while on-site and escalation assistance as needed.
Primary contact for a practice after On-Site Training is complete, assisting practice in adoption of all products and achievement of business goals, working with the client to understand their support structure & customizing a process for their needs. Monitoring support cases to ensure timely resolution
Monitoring and Control
Determine variances against original plan

Influence the factors that caused the changes

Create new forecasts and update plan
Highlevel Milestones
Project Initiation
Data Gathering
Project Plan Sign Off
Software Deployment
Initial Migration
Network Checks
Hardware Checks
Data Extraction
System Build Sign Off
Interfaces Testing
Migration Validation

Final Migration
Interfaces LIVE
Transition to Support
Roll Out Strategy
Big Bang
Think Twice !!

All sites and locations live with PM as well as EMR

Quick and Sudden Workflow Change

High Stakes
Each site goes live with PM first and subsequently with EMR

Recommended of clinics moving from paper
A pilot site goes LIVE with PM & EMR, after lessons learnt remaining sites and locations go LIVE
Goals and Objectives
Improve Patient Engagement

Patient Communication & Education

Improved Patient Outcome

Efficient Clinical Documentation

Smooth transition from NextGen

Strong Communication Nodes

Hitting Project Milestones

Meet Deadlines
Super Users & Clinical Champions

Post GoLive Support & Helpdesk

Support Training

eCW Support Being Timely
Improve Physician Efficiency

Improve Patient Flow

Integration of Care via Devices

Simplify Billing and Reporting

Improve Patient Satisfaction
Next Steps
Data Migration
Understanding what systems are involved and what data needs to be migrated from.

Is client providing the data or is eCW extracting data it?

Establish connectivity if extracting data
Test Migration
Discuss data evaluation post data extraction. What needs to be migrated and where

Get sign off on migration plan

Perform Test/Initial Migration & validation
Final Migration
Post initial validation, understand if any interim changes need to be applied

Determine Final Migration Strategy & Timeline

Migrate the final cut of data
Practice Management
Radiology Interface
Lab Interface
Hospital Interface
Interface GoLive
Interface Deployment/Testing
Interface Development
Interface Testing
Interface KOC
The Road After
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