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I am Number Four

No description

Meghan C

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of I am Number Four

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli


I am Number Four
Imagine that you come here to earth in a group of 9.Then your group suddenly gets smaller and smaller and smaller.Until there are 6 left in that group.All of you are separated from your parents and from each other.Your hiding your life from everyone.Running from aliens coming to kill you.But how can you concentrate knowing the first three are gone,dead.
They caught number 1 in Malaysia
number 2 in England and number3 in Kenya and killed them all.You are number 4. You are next.


-John Smith (Main)
-Sarah Hart (Main)
-Sam Goode (Main)
-Henri Smith (Main)
-Mark James (Main)
-Mogadorians (Main)
-Bernie Kosar (Minor) -Number 6 (Main)

Who They Are
-15 years old
-Has a girlfriend
-Came from planet Lorien
-Got bullied
- Hunted by Mogadorians
-Messy dirty blonde hair
-Johns girlfriend
-Is in home ec class with John
-Blonde hair
-Loves learning space
-Believes in aliens
-Dark brown hair
My opinion of this book is definitely a 10/10. I think this book is a 10/10 because it is a mysterious , action filled book.Which are 2 of my favorite genres. This book did convince me to read the next book though. My favorite thing about this book is that there is a constent turn of events and something I disliked about my novel was that it was a fairly slow start.
Lorien was destroyed by the Mogadorians in a surprise attack that became a war.Only one ship was able to escape the bloodshed, carrying nine young Garde and their Cepans. The Garde develop legacies to use against the mogadorians.The Garde were numbered between 1-9 when they were young and will now be killed in that order.3 are gone, dead.Meaning if they want to keep planet Lorien alive they need to find each other and work together quickly before they are caught and killed.
Who They Are
-Johns ce'pan/Guardian
-Acts like a father
-Darker hair
-Bullied John
-Blonde hair and blue eyes
-Hunting down the lorien 9 to kill them
-Drawings on top of heads
-Slits beside the nose
Bernie Kosar=
-Has powers of his own which you won't believe
Number 6=
-Turns invisable as well whatever she touches invisable.
-Also hunted by Mogadorians
-Blonde hair
-Wavy hair
Opinion and Recommendation
I would recommend this novel to people who enjoy the genres of mystery and action and even fantasy. This novel would be a good book for ages 12-14 . I think that because there is some bad language and I would consider a mature read.
Text to world-In this novel John gets bullied when he moves to a new school that happens a lot when you go to a new school.

Text to text- This book is similar to the Summoning because in the Summoning everyone has a power some are different and some are the same. In this novel the Lorien legacies have powers and some are the same as each other and some are different

Text to self- In this book John is moving and does not want to because he had lots of friends and when he does leave he realizes change is good, this happened to me because i did not want to leave all my friends but realized that moving would be a good change and was a good idea because i met a bunch of new friends.
I chose my passage because it is full of suspense. This is suspenseful because this is when they here someone has opened the door but don't know if they are still in the room or if they have left. This is also my favorite part in my novel because you don't know what will happen next. This part is important because this is when they find an important role who save them.
My novel takes place in a little town called Paradise in Ohio. This novel also takes place in the school,forest and Johns house.
I am Number 4
That is all for my presentation I hope you enjoyed it and read my novel.

By Meghan Crawley
I try to catch my breath.Sweat runs down the sides of my face and stings my eyes.How many of them are here? I saw at least three.Surely those aren't the only ones out there.Did they bring the beasts with them, the small weasels that the writers in Athens were so scared of? I wish that Henri were here or even Bernie Kosar.
The door slowly opens. I hold my breath, listening.Sarah leans into me and we put our arms around each other.The door closes very quietly and clicks into place. No footsteps follow. Did they merley open the door and stick their heads in to see if we were inside? They found me after all this time; surely they aren't lazy.
About the Co-Authors
This book is full of fantasy, action and suspense. In this book there are lots of fights and parties and weapons which makes it full of action. For the fantasy there are aliens and big beasts coming to kill you. Also for the mystery there is some pretty suspenseful moments which put you on the edge of your seat. This also dramatic and a sci fi.
The Lorien Legacies
I Am Number Four
The Power Of Six
The Rise Of Nine
The Fall Of Five
Pittacus Lore also makes smaller books about the legacies and journals

The Lorien Legacies

The Lorien Legacies

The lorien legacies

Fact About the author and Release Date
Here is a quick fact about Pittacus Lore, there is no Pittacus Lore.There are 2 names under Pittacus Lore. Jobie Hughs and James Frey. So they are the co-authors.This novel was released August 30th 2010.
Jobie Hughes First book written by himself is called "At Dawn".Jobie graduated with a master of fine arts. He earned it in creative writing,or fictional writing.Jobie has lived in multiple states.But currently lives in Michigan.
James Frey has written multiple books including "A Million Little Pieces" "Bright Shiny Morning" and "My Friend Leonard". James currently lives in New york with his wife and daughter.
James Frey
He was the subject of a scandal when investigators discovered that certain elements were exaggerated in A Million Little Pieces, as he told everyone the book was true.
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