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Epic Fail: Avoiding the 10 Biggest Mistakes in Change Management

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Steven Shrago

on 23 January 2012

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Transcript of Epic Fail: Avoiding the 10 Biggest Mistakes in Change Management

Epic Fail How to avoid the Biggest Mistakes in Change Management Why take this approach? x 14,000+ books on Amazon covering Change Management! 50% of organisations have undergone a change programme in the last 12 months (CiPD) But how many were truly effective...? ...and created change that actually 'stuck'? A metaphor for change Change is complex and adaptive Change can be planned and controlled
10. Don't confuse the end with the means Means Ends The plan
The product
The system The change 9. Get out of the ivory tower 8. Complicated is not the same as better 7. The failure of leadership 6. Training is not the same as change 2. Lacking a compelling reason to change Why? 5. Just because you think no-one is watching... 4. Attempting to reinvent the wheel 3. Trying to control everything 1. Take tough decisions Conclusion What should you take away from all of this? Steering group Identify, inform, engage inspire Feedback The Gordian knot was too complicated for Alexander the Great... ...so he took a simpler, more pragmatic approach! Complicated is also not the same as random Microsoft Word 2010
Enormous number of features
Potentially confusing for the newcomer
Information overload WriteRoom
Distraction-free writing "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler" Leadership must happen at all levels in the organisation Leadership is 'keeping the possibility alive' Avoid the mistake of focusing on control Don't stifle communication Don't confuse leadership with management Don't become a bottleneck Remember the mistake of confusing the means with the ends? This the the same mistake People only really change when their conversations are different Conversations are social, so focus on connecting people Why should I change? I like things just the way they are Please leave me alone...sob Significant difference y x y x Incremental improvement Do you remember learning to ride a bike for the first time? What changed from one moment of not being able to ride to suddenly "getting it"? Being able to distinguish between 'balance' and 'imbalance' This 'significant difference' created a fundamental shift in your mind The same is generally true for most other major changes and mind-shifts Remember wondering if you'd ever get it? Getting more and more frustrated.... Until quite suddenly... ...you're doing it! The reason is the vision...the future But why is this so important? How to avoid the 10 Biggest Mistakes in Change Management A gardener Focus on creating the best possible conditions for change emerge Rest of the organisation Focus on connecting people differently Someone is always watching... Actions speak louder than words Sometimes, it's a good idea This is tiring! Theory X People are inherently trustworthy People are not be trusted Theory Y Focus on defining the "what" and let your team work out the "how" but... There is an elephant in the room... Are you going to point it out? Make decisions! BIG Don't make mistakes these to ask for a little help!
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