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A day in the life of an MRI physicist

No description

Sarah Bacon

on 11 January 2018

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Transcript of A day in the life of an MRI physicist

A day in the life of...
An MRI physicist
Research acticity
Musculoskeletal Disease (£7 m at LMBRU with 3T system)
Cardiac Imaging (£4.5 m at LGI with 3T system)
Liver: improved lesion detection, blood flow, fat content
Breast: dynamic contrast enhanced imaging for monitoring therapy
Prostate: diffusion weighted imaging
Treatment planning

Division of Medical Physics, Leeds University; Chair and senior lecturer have international reputation in MRI.
Joint projects:
MRI breast chemotherapy response
MRI head and neck treatment planning / response
MRI prostate treatment planning
Opportunities for trainees to contribute to ongoing projects
MRI physics section
Consists of 4 physicists (3 wte)

Provides physics support to MRI units across the Trust in Leeds and externally for Airedale, Harrogate, Rotherham, Scarborough, York and Bradford NHS Trusts.
We ensure that the highest quality MR images are acquired in an environment that is safe for both patients and staff.
What we do...
Acceptance testing report
Site planning meeting
Clinical MR session support; MR service and applications development

Safety & risk management; Safety audit; Safety advice

Techincal / scientific advice

Site Planning; Procurement; Evaluation; Commissioning; annual performance tests; Routine QA

Research (PI, CI, collaborator, supervisor); Research support

Training; Teaching

Professional; Management and quality system; CPD
Implant query
Is it safe to scan a patient with a Medtronic Synchromed II intrathecal pump?
Consider the effect the magnetic and RF fields may have on implant:
Movement - proximity of implant to critical organs.
Heating - location of the implant relative to the area of the body being scanned.
Operation - induced currents.
Local rules; Recognised MRI safety websites; Manufacturers' websites; Peer reviewed journals.
Breast biopsy
QA analysis
Paediatric speciality team
Bradford school of health studies
Trainee progress meeting
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