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Chrysler Imported From Detroit Campaign

No description

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Chrysler Imported From Detroit Campaign

Marcomm Theory
Campaign outcome
The Golden Years
First Automobile driven

Chrysler Corp. started

4th Largest City

Manufacturing Jobs Booming

“Imported from Detroit”

"Born of Fire" Commercial
Chrysler Commercial Ad Campaign
Other Promotions
Print advertisement/Billboards

Charity Donations

YouTube Channel Promotions


The Downfall
Detroit bankruptcy


Financial crisis

Superbowl 2014
Hierarchy of Effects
Lavidge & Steiner (1961)
Detroit story as a brand
Chrysler defined by its roots
American-made automobile
This is the Motor city. And this is what we do...
Imported from Detroit
Americans like to get behind those that are trying to protect their future
Chrysler sold 1.4 million cars and trucks in the US
Supporting a hardworking city
Product Match-Up Theory
Origin = Detroit

Source Theory –
Meaning Movement &
Endorsement Process
Role Celebrity
Clint Eastwood
Elaboration Likelihood Model = Central route
Objectives of Campaign
Brand Rebuilding

Change perception of Chrysler in consumers' minds

Positive Word of Mouth/Buzz Marketing

Boost Sales and Profits

"Imported from Detroit"
"Born of Fire”

“Half time in America”

“Super Bowl advertising is about making a statement and
capturing the attention of the audience”

Emphasis on hard work and American Values

Underdog spirit

Connection between Detroit and Chrysler

Chrysler’s use of ethos

Over the past three years sales have increased by 54%

Won the North American Grand Effie Award

Won Gold Lion for Best Automotive Commercial

Led to increased ‘buzz score’ on YouGov Brand Index
Bob Dylan: Legendary Rockstar/ Counterculture Icon

American Pride Theme

New Tagline
"Imported from Detroit" --> "America's Import"

First Chrysler Automobile
Going Forward
“I don't believe in using celebrities and famous people just for the sake of it... Their story has to make sense in the story of the ad.” - Chrysler CMO
Continue the “America’s Import” campaign

New celebrity for the 2015 Super Bowl Ad

Use him as a Brand Ambassador

Denzel Washington
Chrysler - "Imported from Detroit"

Jake Munn
Nasser Mohamud
Mike Shen
Umayr Ismail
Sharandeep Nijher
Tomas Klauda
Nor Attaelmanan
Detroit - "The Motor City"
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