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What was the importance of hieroglyphics in Ancient Egypt?

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Esther Choi

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of What was the importance of hieroglyphics in Ancient Egypt?

What was the importance of hieroglyphics in Ancient Egypt?
the Ancient Egyptians believed it was important to record and communicate about religion and government
this lead to the invention of hieroglyphics to record information
hieroglyphics were used for many purposes in different places
Connections I made:
English is much more easier to learn than hieroglyphic writing because one hieroglyphic symbol can represent many words, but the language we use today has a specific sound for each letter of the alphabet. Also, hieroglyphics can be written from left to right or right to left, and top to bottom or bottom to top, but English is only written from left to right.
The way they put the people in different positions in Ancient Egypt is the same way we do it today because the Egyptians gave the higher position to the people who could read and write and today students that have better grades and higher GPA's go to better colleges than others who got lower grades.
Things I want to argue about:
Writing should have been taught to all of the people of Ancient Egypt, not just the scribes, or students in scribe school because all the Egyptians would need to know the information of the country if there was a document or a speech that the government or pharaoh wanted all the people to know about.
Men and women should have all had an equal chance to be a scribe, not just males. Men and women have all the same rights and should be treated equally.
Some important things to note:
Egyptians believed that writing on the tombs of a pharaoh's tomb helped him get to the afterlife
the purpose of the invention of hieroglyphics was to record information about religion and government
some reasons why hieroglyphics were used was to show respect to gods and goddesses, communicate, decorate tombs, and keep records for future references
Some new questions I have are:
Who invented hieroglyphics and when?
What were the steps of decorating a temple with hieroglyphic writing and who was involved?
Were hieroglyphics used on special things only, or did ordinary Egyptians use hieroglyphic writing regularly?
By: Esther Choi
In tombs...
writing was an important part of tomb decoration
believed writing on the walls in a pharaoh's tomb helped him get to the afterlife
In the army...
writing was used to communicate when Egyptians went to battles against their enemies
the leaders of the army had to know how to read and write to understand the messages that were sent to them
In the government...
kept records about the country which helped them work out important facts about how the country was running
for example, by looking at records from the past years, they could see how much grain or animals that were collected in taxes
by looking back at the past records, this helped them make important decisions in the future
In temples...
writing was important because it showed the pharaoh's respect for the gods and goddesses in temples which were the houses of the gods and goddesses
priests needed to know how to read the instructions to perform sacred rituals that kept the gods and goddesses happy
Changes in my thinking:
Before: Hieroglyphics just told the story of the pharaoh's life in his tomb.
Now: Hieroglyphics were used to decorate the pharaoh's tomb and helped him get to the afterlife.
Top Ten Reasons Why You Want to Know How to Write Hieroglyphics
10. Because it looks cool
9. It was an important part of tomb decoration
8. Important people knew how to write it
7. It's difficult to learn
6. You could be a scribe
5. You could be in a higher position just because you know how to read and write it
4. It's more complex than English
3. You could write spells for the pharaoh's tomb
2. You could perform rituals for the gods and goddesses
1. It's the most famous kind of ancient writing
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