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The Hawaiian Islands

TJ, Tommy, Sarah, Kristin,Clay, and Devon are making a Hawaiian Prezi Presentation.

Reggie Wiles

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of The Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Islands
The Islands of Hawaii
Famous TV Show From Hawaii
On Friday, May 28th, Mr. Wiles class
gave a Hawaiian celebration.
The Lunchroom prepared a pork
loin with pineapple for the occasion.
We had Berry Bonkers Hawaiian Punch
We ate on Flamingo Paper Plates
The students got to sample a coconut.
It tasted alot different than what you
get in a candy bar from the store. Coconut
milk is a clear liquid. Without any sugar blended
with it, we didn't care for it.
We found a simple way to break it open. Nah,
a coconut must first have the milk drained from
it. There are 3 small soft holes at the bottom of
the coconut. A small piercing object can penetrate it.
The milk will easily drain from the coconut. Second,
Take a sharp long knife and put it on the coconut.
Then, place a towel on top of the kniife. Finally, take
a hammer and hit on top of the knife 2 or 3 times,
The coconut should open easily.
Humm, I wonder If his head is hard
enough to break the coconut? A one,
a two, a...........Nah, it would be a shame
to waste a good coconut.
The inside of a coconut is soft. It can be scraped out and used in different ingredients. However, it's
not naturally sweet. You will have to add some sugar to it to make
it sweet.
We also had pineapple.
It was
Masks are common in Hawaii

We like flamingos.
We like birds
The food was great.
"Could I have some more of that great tasting pig?" Oh, and I would like a hint of mustard sauce please."
"She wants to see Joyce. Joyce
would like that pig. I know I do."
After getting hit in the head
with a coconut, nothing picks
me up like a cool Hawaiian Punch.
"I can't believe I let Sarah
put this lai on me."
"I think I'll end this presentation
with my wonderful Hawaiian Dance.
Ready Everyone????"
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