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freshman parent presentation

No description

cindy dupree

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of freshman parent presentation

Get schedule and ID’s, all beginning
of year paperwork such as
health forms, pay fees,
locker, etc.
Bison Stampede
+Home Page – daily announcements, clubs and sports, faculty email list, . . . . .
+Principal's Blog
+Guidance Page – ACT/SAT, College Admissions Handbook, Scholarships, Registration
+Library Media Center Page – Online resource centers, free test prep
+Parent Information Page- link to portal and password info
School Website:

Must notify the school by December of the student’s 9th grade year.
“Move On When Ready Act”
Early Graduation Option
Most common issues:
--Torn / with holes
--Leggings / tights worn as pants
--Skirt length (short)
--Facial piercings
--Low necklines / tanks / no sleeves
--Low waistline / exposed undergarments
Dress Code Issues
--Final course grades only used to compute the GPA.
--Numerical Average (Total Value of Grades / # of Grades)
--Unweighted. [Internal weight only – previous slide]

Values for course grades:
A=4 B=3 C=2 D=1 F=0
GPA – Grade Point Average
See 2013-2014 Registration Book for course descriptions and sequence of :
Social Studies
*Specific Credits
End of Course tests :
Testing Requirements . . . .
Student must earn a designated number of credits each year to be promoted to the next grade:
6 credits = Sophomore(10th)
12 credits = Junior (11th)
18 credits = Senior (12th)

6 = sports eligibility
See you at your registration appointment!
Thanks for coming!

STUDENT – Your success depends on:
--involvement (clubs, community service, sports, etc.).
Supporting Your Child in High School
--with child. --with school.
Record Keeping:
--registration materials from each year.
--grade reports.
--awards, honors and community service records.
Supporting Your Child in High School
Dual Enrollment Credit
Honors math track: take Honors Algebra I in the freshman year if qualify, continue Honors

In Sumner County, 8th grade Algebra I does not count toward the four math credits required for graduation and does not count in the high school GPA.
Eighth Grade Algebra I
Freshmen may also take one of the following
(or two if they are taking Algebra I or Honors Alg. 1):
-Business Principles
-Word Processing
-Principles of Agricultural Science
-Leadership Development
-JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps)
-Career Management Success
-Intro to Family & Consumer Science
-Intro to Marketing and Leadership
Course Selection, con’t
Most freshmen take these classes:
(Honors require teacher recommendation)
-English I
-Algebra A / B, Algebra I or Honors Algebra I
-Wellness (or JROTC I & II)
-World Geography or World History
-Fine Art (Visual Art, Theater, Chorus, Band,
Flag Corp, Dance)
Course Selection
-Graduation "jewelry"
-Educate and Grow Scholarship - -Volunteer State Community College (full tuition after other awards are paid)
-UT Knoxville – Physics teacher
-TN Technology Centers
For others see:

If Pell Grant Eligible, additional $
Benefits of TN Scholar:

Academic Recognition
at graduation
Academic Recognition
--Only if the student fails a course.
--Both the F and the new grade on transcript.
--A course cannot be taken to improve the grade.
Repeating Courses
Three credits in a single subject area beyond minimum requirements:
Examples :
3 (Extra) Theater Credits (4 total including
the 1st which is a fine art credit)
3 Construction Credits
3 (Extra) Social Studies Credits (6 total
because the first three are required)

Elective Focus
English (1 per year)* 4
Mathematics (minimum 1 per year)* 4
Science* 3
Social Studies* 3
Wellness 1
Physical Education .5
Personal Finance .5
Foreign Language (same language) 2
Fine Arts 1
Elective Focus 3
Additional Electives 4
Total 26
(also listed in Registration Book)

The following classes are required for graduation for a student entering high school in 2013-2014:
--Earn the required credits (26).
--Have a satisfactory record of
attendance and conduct .

(Alternative choice for graduation will be discussed later.)
Block Scheduling
Two major differences between middle school and high school….
Difference between Middle and High School
Graduation Requirements
GPA and Graduation Recognition
Freshman Year
A few other things.
Welcome to SCHS
Topics for tonight . . . .
Appointments distributed tonight with the Registration Book.
Station Camp Middle – April 2, 3, 4
Knox Doss at Drakes Creek – March 21,22
Rucker Stewart – TBA
Other Schools – summer dates
see our web site in May
Registration Conferences
College Entrance Tests-
ACT –March of the 11th grade year.
--- Registration here
--- TN pays
Students may take the ACT or the SAT on
national test dates at their own expense. Registration can be done online.
www.act.org www.collegeboard.com
Other Info:
10th grade version of the ACT -called the PLAN- fall of the 10th grade year.
(8th graders in TN take the Explore, 8th grade version of the ACT)

Juniors make elect to take the PSAT (pre-SAT) to participate in the National Merit Scholarship evaluation. (a small fee)
10th graders may take the PSAT for practice but cannot compete for the scholarship.
Other Info:
+Earn all required graduation credits,
+80 hours of community service AND
+Have 95% attendance rate for 4 years AND
+Have no out of school suspensions AND Pass all classes (2.0 GPA).
Tennessee Scholars
To be designated as a Tennessee Scholar, a student must:
*Various levels of graduation recognition. Based on cumulative GPA and minimum number of Honors and Advanced Placement courses. ( in the Registration Book)
*Eligibility for co-curricular and extra curricular activities.
What impact does GPA have??
Should my student take Honors or AP Courses?
With Honors: Students who meet designated benchmarks on ACT/SAT
With Distinction:
--31 on ACT --3+ on 2 AP exams,
--All State musical selection
--Governor’s School Participant
--National Merit Finalist/Semifinalist
--12 hours dual enrollment credit
State Graduation with Honors and Distinction
Any class that your student takes that is NOT already chosen for him or her as state or local requirements or are part of the "elective focus."

It can be something your student takes because he or she likes it or wants to try out the subject, but may be
something that your student has to take because we could not meet the requests
(Requests for required academic courses will be met. )
Definition : General Elective
4 classes
each day
90 minutes each

4 credits
Block Schedule- 90 minute block
Planning for your future!
Your student’s success
depends on
High school success . . . . . . .
Potential NCAA College Athletes

End of Junior Year

NCAA Clearinghouse
4 classes
each day
90 minutes each
4 credits
TOTAL 8 credits
=25% of the 2nd nine weeks grade in the course being tested.

=passing the test is not a graduation requirement, passing the class is.
English (1 per year)* 4
Mathematics (minimum 1 per year)* 4
Science* 3
Social Studies* 3
Wellness 1
Physical Education .5
Personal Finance .5
Foreign Language (same language) 2
Fine Arts 1
Elective Focus 3
Additional Electives 4

Total 26
(also listed in Registration Book)
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
English 9
English 10
English 11
US History
3.5 GPA =
High school juniors and seniors
High school AND college credit (Volunteer State Community College)
During the regular school day
On the high school campus
VSCC College professor
Fee based on the course's number of college hours
Early graduation and guaranteed admission into community college/conditional admission into university after earning 18 credits
Requirements include minimum GPA (3.2 on 4.0 scale), minimum benchmark scores on EOC exams and ACT/SAT sub tests, dual enrollment credit, other.
Appointments will be done in each school’s library.
A PARENT MUST ATTEND for student to be registered.
Current End of Course Tests:
Students - please sit with your parents.
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